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Dell's awesome new XPS 12 2 in 1

Updated on January 28, 2016

For those of you that love the latest and greatest tech gadgets, Dell Computers recently released something that may have you upgrading your laptop or tablet. The XPS 12 inch 2 in 1 laptop is what every on the go, entrepreneurial young professional should rave about. Dell pulled out all the neats; the XPS 12 2 in 1 has a magnetic connection for effortless transformation from a tablet to a laptop, 4K Ultra HD Display for graphic designers and gamers, and power house processes for people who simply need to get a lot done.

I understand that the 2 in 1 is not a "new" concept, with previous models being the Dell Inspiron 2 in 1 series, and other gadgets such as the Lenovo Yoga, and the Microsoft Surface Pro. Disregarding the similarities, The XPS 2 in 1, has pulled ahead of the pack for a few reasons.

Reason # 1 is that it is a bit sturdier and made out of more trustworthy materials. The XPS is made out of magnesium, and weighs 1.75 pounds and measures 11/46 x 7.6 x 0.31 inches. The keyboard adds another 1.1 lbs. Though some people may think lighter is better, in my experience sturdy and trustworthy is better. Not to mention Dell has a commitment to using environmentally friendly materials. You can read more here

Reason # 2 is the battery life, which according to Dell can last up to 10 hours. There is no need to explain why long lasting battery life is a plus. We all forget our chargers on the go, and having your computer batter depleted is just not any fun.

Reason # 3 is price point. The XPS 12 2 in 1 starts at $999 with a 6th-Generation Intel Core M5-6y54 processor, 1080 display, 8GB of RAM and a 128 GB Solid State Drive, and a keyboard included. Which brings it to about $50 less than the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 after you purchase the keyboard. No, $999 is still not "cheap", but with Dell's high quality parts, you get what you pay for!

I hope you see that the XPS 12 2 in 1 is a practical and very useful work laptop for the PC user. Dell has gotten their name back in the tech game since Michael Dell bought back his company in 2013. If maybe the XPS 12 is not for you, I would stay posted on Dell Computer's latest and greatest. Visit for exclusive deals and discounts.


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