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Designing a Web page

Updated on April 20, 2016

Web Design

Building a web site is actually quite easy, there are programs that will do all of the work for you and some that you will need complete knowledge in web code. Programs that do it all for you are called WYSIWYG (what you is what you get). Generally it is still good to have some minor knowledge in writing code to help detail the page exactly how you want it. Programmes like Netscape are free and easy to use, with a little bit of knowledge you can design the page however you desire. There are programs that you can buy that have all kinds of extra options, adobe makes a few programs if you have the money to invest in this then so be it. One program that if you have windows probably already have and is a total html written program there is no WYSIWYG is notepad. Notepad is a great program to practice with and learn the ropes.

The first step to designing a web page is to start it on paper. Come up with different ideas you have for this page and lay it out on the paper how you want the final page made. Design headers, footers, pictures, links, text, and advertisements. This dosn't have to be a work of art, you just need to sketch it out to give you a road map to get you going. Figure out a color scheme that fits the mood you are trying to portray with this website.

Web Hosting

With everything laid out on the paper its time to make the page look like your design. Start from the back forward on the design. Get the background laid out and then lay out your tables, header, and footer. Using tables will help you keep the webpage organized and neat looking, so you don't have items sticking all over the place in chaos. When you have the page completely designed and happy with it, it's time to launch. If you haven't already found a place to host your web page do a search on google and you will find all kinds. There are free sites out there and generally you just need to add their site's name to your page name.Then you have pay places like where you can usually find a reasonable price for hosting and the domain name. No matter whether you are completely coding it yourself or using a WYSISWYG program knowing basic coding is a benefit. You never know when you will be stuck in a situation that the program won't help you with.


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