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Drone Manufacturing And Jobs Increase In Indiana, Ohio, And The National Marketplace

Updated on February 17, 2016
Increases in drone activity may cause an increase in UFO reports at first.
Increases in drone activity may cause an increase in UFO reports at first. | Source

Miracle-Working Drones

Imagine shut-ins receiving their medications. library books, mail, food,. and supplies by drone delivery to their front doors or a platform outside their bedroom windows.


Medications can be flown into remote places by drone where wheeled vehicles, helicopters, and even dog sleds, as the Iditarod race commemorates, cannot reach. Camera-equipped drones can reach tight places where lost people and pets may be trapped. Drones can be the tools of miracles.

Flight Technologies Boom In the Midwest

The major direction of drone manufacturing in the latter half of the 2010s was not spying and bombing, as many of the public feared, but rather service and help.

By late 2015, the drone manufacturing and operations industries had become Big Business in Ohio thanks to the many aviation and aerospace companies the state supports. Over $90,000,000,000 in revenue was assured nationwide within a few years in industries that would increase the effectiveness of Search and Rescue operations through the Civil Air Patrol and other agencies, agriculture, medical supply deliveries, and even retail delivery.

These companies do not work alone, but partner with other community based organizations, including divisions of NASA, the National Air and Space Association.

The flight-related public and private companies in Ohio had been partnering with colleges and universities as well as city governments to boost related research and development, marketing and sales, creation of local businesses, and creation of state and local jobs.

A new partnership was officially created in early December 2015.


Expanding Drone Industry Receives Larger Boost

Unmanned aerial vehicles, UAVs, or drones had already become a mullti-billion dollar industry in Ohio and a few other US States by the summer of 2015. At that point, additional momentum was added to the industry by new partnerships for Manufacturing and Education & Training sectors.

On Friday December 4, 2015 officials of Sinclair Community College in Dayton ,Ohio signed a new partnership agreement with Indiana State University representatives in Terre Haute. They agreed to cooperation in the development and manufacture of drones, followed by marketing, sales, and training of drone plots and related occupations.

The December 2015 project beginning is the seventh time that Sinclair College has partnered with another facility of higher education in order to promote and produce unmanned aerial vehicles for positive activities. These will not be spy drones or war drones, but helping drones.

Sinclair College leaders insist that they will maintain the school's working partnerships with several other institutions. These other schools include the massive Ohio State University and its branches, the University of North Dakota (a business-booming state), and Southern State Community College in Wilmington, Ohio.

The Dayton college is offering a Short-Term Technical Certificate that is a 24-hour to 25-hour program that can put people into entry-level technical positions.

Besides looking at and expanding helping-drone activities, the new project will develop more effective drone applications for agriculture and data analytics technology (within IT). Check it out at

Sinclair UAS Training & Certification Center
Sinclair Community College
444 W Third St
Dayton, OH 45402

Drone Training For Well Paid Jobs From Sinclair College

Courses offered are developed and conducted in partnership with state universities in Ohio. These classes include, as of March 2016:

  • COA Smart - $650 : Introduction, training, and authorization to fly a Unmanned Aerial Vehicle of drone. This includes large drones that need an airfield and flight tower with highly trained personnel to guide their flight.
  • UAV First Responder Leadership - $650 / 5 weeks - This is important to Search & Rescue missions, especially with the Civil Air Patrol, which is a part of the United States Air Force proper and no longer an auxiliary as of January 2016.
  • Flight Training Device Session - $100
  • Introduction to UAV (UAS), Online - $495 / 3 weeks
  • UAV Precision Agriculture - $495 / 3 weeks - Surveying agricultural sites and even planting crops will become a large part of the economy.
  • UAV and the Law - $495 / 3 weeks
  • Geospatial Information - $650 / 5 weeks
  • Current State of UAV Standards and Regulations - $495 / 3 weeks

Training includes time in the UAV simulation laboratory.

NASA and the Japan Ministry of Telecommunications, tested the concept of an "atmospheric satellite" for broadcasting in 2002, from a drone.

Types Of Drones

Click thumbnail to view full-size
NASA and the Japan Ministry of Telecommunications, tested the concept of an "atmospheric satellite" for broadcasting in 2002.Medical Delivery
NASA and the Japan Ministry of Telecommunications, tested the concept of an "atmospheric satellite" for broadcasting in 2002.
NASA and the Japan Ministry of Telecommunications, tested the concept of an "atmospheric satellite" for broadcasting in 2002. | Source
Medical Delivery
Medical Delivery | Source

UAV/Drone Job Market Begins To Expand

In 2016 - 2017, Ohio plans encompass the development of thousands of drone-related jobs from R & D through flight among 1,200+ aerospace companies just in this state alone. As of late February 2016, the American market already has 600+ jobs in this field available. The location of employment is primarily several sites in California, Hood River, Oregon; Columbia, Lexington Park, and Patuxent, Maryland; sites in the State of Washington; Indian Springs, Nevada, and Buffalo, New York.

Sinclair College UAV Programs

Sinclair recently received $4 million in state funding to renovate and expand their physical location on the Dayton campus to support the mission of the National Center for UAS Training and Education.

— Sinclair College Leaders, July 7, 2014
Traffic monitoring.
Traffic monitoring. | Source

Sinclair has partnerships with Ohio State University, the University of North Dakota, Southern State Community College in Wilmington, the University of Dayton Research Institute, the Air Force Institute of Technology at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and the Center for Unmanned Aerial Systems at Colorado State University.

— Barrie Barber, Staff Writer of Dayton Daily News 12/04/2015
The Ohio Space Corridor Branches Across Indiana To Terre Haute

Ohio Space Corridor Is Expanding Westward 195 Miles

show route and directions
A markerWPAFB -
Wright-Patterson AFB (FFO), Dayton, OH 45433, USA
get directions

B markerSinclair College, Dayton, Ohio -
W 3rd St & Sinclair College, Dayton, OH 45402, USA
get directions

C markerWestchester TWP OH -
West Chester, OH, USA
get directions

D markerCincinnati OH -
Cincinnati, OH, USA
get directions

E markerIndiana State University, -
200 N 7th St, Terre Haute, IN 47809, USA
get directions

Downtown Dayton Ohio and Sinclair College

Downtown skyline of Dayton, Ohio in Western Ohio in the Ohio Space Corridor.
Downtown skyline of Dayton, Ohio in Western Ohio in the Ohio Space Corridor. | Source

Dayton is the sixth largest city in Ohio and the county seat of Montgomery County. Research & Development, Aerospace, and Aviation are its major industries since before 1900 and the Wright Brothers Bicycle Shop.

Top 15 Employers and Companies

  1. Wright-Patterson Air Force Base
  2. Premier Health Partners
  3. Montgomery County Government
  4. Sinclair Community College - Very important in the area of drone research.
  5. Kettering Health Network
  6. The Kroger Company
  7. Lexis Nexis
  8. Dayton Public Schools
  9. Wright State University
  10. AK Steel Corporation
  11. University of Dayton
  12. Dayton City Government
  13. Dayton VA Medical Center - Government and Healthcare.
  14. Dayton Children's Medical Center
  15. Dayton Thermal

(Derived from Federal, City, County, and Chamber of Commerce figures.)

Indiana State University In Terre Haute


Terre Haute is a college town that supports several colleges, universities, technical schools, and at least one astronomical observatory. Indiana State University's College of Technology is advancing to become one of the best in the nation.

Terre Haute - Top 25 Largest Employers and Companies

  1. Union Hospital Healthcare
  2. Vigo County Schools
  3. Indiana State University - The Princeton Review named the school among its “Best in the Midwest” list for nearly a decade.
  4. Sony Digital Audio Disc Corporation (Sony DADC)
  5. Terre Haute Regional Hospital
  6. ADVICS Automobile Brakes & Chassis Manufacturing
  7. United States Federal Correctional Complex
  8. Union Associated Physicians (UAP)
  9. Bemis Polyethylene Bags/Flex Packaging
  10. Vigo County Government
  11. City of Terre Haute Government
  12. First Financial Bank
  13. Great Dane Trailers Truck Manufacturing
  14. Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
  15. Ivy Tech Community College-Wabash Valley
  16. ELANCO - Division of Eli Lilly Mfg. Animal Feed
  17. Thyssen Krupp Presta Automobile Steering Columns439
  18. Taghleef Oriented Polypropylene Film
  19. GE Aviation Mfg. Turbine Engines-- GE Aviation has two facilities, a large structures fabrication plant, and a component repair complex.
  20. Alorica Customer Call Service Center
  21. Staples Midwest Distribution Center
  22. Duke Energy - Utility
  23. Indiana Air National Guard
  24. Providence Medical Group
  25. Clabber Girl Baking Powder

(Derived from Federal, City, County, Chamber of Commerce and Terre Haute Economic Development Corporation, figures available for 4th Quarter 2014 and 3rd Quarter 2015.)

© 2015 Patty Inglish


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    • Patty Inglish, MS profile image

      Patty Inglish 20 months ago from North America

      @Romeos Quill - Thanks for your comments and thoughts! Ohio companies have many good plans for new drones and public and private leaders are looking at how better to control the airways. I suppose legislation will be passed to limit drones to certain elevations, depending on their use.

    • Romeos Quill profile image

      Romeos Quill 20 months ago from Lincolnshire, England

      It's great when technology is used for the purpose in which it was originally intended. I like the idea of them being used as aerial ferries for food, medical supplies and search and rescue first responders to people living in difficult terrain where roads might become unpassable after natural disasters such as earthquakes and mud slides etc. ; perhaps even used to sow seeds in hard to reach farmland which can't be negotiated with present technology.

      Great Hub; thanks for the read.


    • Patty Inglish, MS profile image

      Patty Inglish 21 months ago from North America

      Yes indeed, some folks feel spied upon, but I like the tech advances.

    • lawrence01 profile image

      Lawrence Hebb 21 months ago from Hamilton, New Zealand


      It is exciting some of the technoligy coming out at the moment, but taking potshots at drones! Guess some see them as spies invading privacy!

      I think the technology is great and it can be of great benefit.


    • Patty Inglish, MS profile image

      Patty Inglish 21 months ago from North America

      @lawrence01 - Isn't it exciting? There seem exist certain links between Walt Disney, the current company, and the US armed forces research divisions, all of which have led up to drones and such and I intend to find out more about that on my next trip to the USAF national museum and air base near me when Civil Air Patrol next meets for an event..

      Already, drones are crowding some airplanes with erratic and poorly planned flight paths - like flocks of mechanized birds in an Alfred Hitchcock film. In some neighborhoods, people are shooting down drones with shotguns. The American scene is always confounding.

    • lawrence01 profile image

      Lawrence Hebb 21 months ago from Hamilton, New Zealand

      I was just reading a twitter post that was talking of a 'robot car' that can climb any obstacle including uneven 90 degree cliffs using drone like rotors to create 'downdraft' to give the grip for the climb! (Disney have pioneered the technology!)

      It's great that technology like this can be used to help folks, I'm just a little concerned people might use it as another reason they don't need to keep an eye on that vulnerable neighbour! Let's try not to lose the sense of community these great things can sometimes replace


    • Patty Inglish, MS profile image

      Patty Inglish 21 months ago from North America

      @FlourishAnyway - Yes! Now if we can solve the traffic jams in the air, we'll be doing great.

    • FlourishAnyway profile image

      FlourishAnyway 21 months ago from USA

      I'm glad to see drones being put to good use. Couple that with job creation and we have a winner!

    • Patty Inglish, MS profile image

      Patty Inglish 21 months ago from North America

      @B. Leekley - And we'll be doing training and demonstrations all over Ohio with the Civil Air Patrol to show everyone what good can be done with drones.

    • B. Leekley profile image

      Brian Leekley 21 months ago from Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA

      I'm pleased to learn that drones are being used for such good purposes. I'm sure that inventors and entrepreneurs will find many more helpful uses for them.