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Different Features of Facebook – A Beginners Guide

Updated on October 23, 2012

What’s Facebook anyway?

Since the launched of Facebook last February 2004, this social networking site has already reached its peak and becomes the number one in the world. Founded by Mark Zuckerberg and his college roommates and fellow students, they never imagined that this simple application will become this popular and makes everyone use it as part of their daily activities. Facebook has over one billion active users and according to report half of them use mobile device to access the application. This application can be viewed in 70 different languages making it more easier user friendly. The total revenue of Facebook last 2011 reaches 3.71 billion dollars and the current Alexa rank is number 1. This month a report was released containing the most number of users per country in the world. Leading is the United States with 166.1 million members and taking the second position is Brazil with 58.4 million users. Along with the popularity of this application, it also met some controversies and has been blocked intermittently in several countries.

Facebook Logo
Facebook Logo | Source

What are the Benefits of Using Facebook?

In general we use Facebook to connect to our friends, family, relatives, office-mates and schoolmates. It gives us the flexibility of connecting with our peers virtually. This application becomes very useful to people who has friends or family away from them. Getting updated on their daily activities makes it easier for us. Facebook has evolved tremendously from its inception in the net, it offers a lot of things that everyone can use or enjoy. That’s why I decided to list down or iterate to you some of the most valuable features of this application that can be beneficial to all of us. I hope that this hub will help you learn more about the number one social networking in the world.

Let’s start with the default home page of Facebook where we are redirected upon log in Let’s see what in there and what are the things we should know about it.

What are the different features of Facebook?

Home Page

The Upper Most Part - I will dissect the different parts of the home page so that we get a more detailed discussion about each feature.

Logo - On the upper most part of the page you will see the logo of Facebook which is clickable and will redirect you back to the home page.

Facebook Logo, Friend Request, Messages and Push Notification
Facebook Logo, Friend Request, Messages and Push Notification
Search Box
Search Box
Profile Link, Home Link, Account Settings
Profile Link, Home Link, Account Settings

Friend Request, Messages and Push Notification - Beside it are the Friend Request, Message, and Push Notification. These there features are very significant because this gives you all the basic updates of your account. If someone added you or messages you in Facebook, this icons will have a red numbered superscript on the icon. The globe icon which is a push notification feature gives you updates regarding comments, likes, games request, page activities, group activities and events. Among the three icons the push notification is the one that gets the most of the updates for your account.

Search Box - On the center is the search box, this feature of the application is a very powerful tool because you can search almost anything here related to Facebook and sometime even outside queries can be initiated here.

Profile Link and Home Link - The right upper most part is the link to your profile and another link to the home page.

The Settings Options - You will notice that there is an arrow that when you click or hover will display a drop-down options for you Privacy Settings, Account Settings and a Logout link.

Profile Link, Favorites and Ads
Profile Link, Favorites and Ads

The Left Panel - This part of the page is where you can see the different navigation link pointing to different areas of Facebook.

Profile and Favorites - The top portion is consist of the link to you profile below it are you Favorites which mainly composed of the News Feed, Messages, Events and other applications that you want to add. The News Feed is the heart of your home page; this link leads you to the area of all the updates related to you. This updates may came from your friends, page activities, group activities, or even games activities.

Ads - Below the Favorites panel is the Ads area which has the Ads Manager link, this area is use by those people who wants to promote or advertise in Facebook.

Pages - The next panel is the Page panel which generally list down the entire Page you created or you are an Admin. There is also a Like Pages link that will show you the pages that you like.

Groups – This panel list down the all the groups that you manage, created or a member of. You can also create your own group on the link available at the bottom of the panel

Apps – The panel that list down all the application that you recently visited. The link to the App Center is also available at the top portion of the panel. The popular Poke application is also located here.

Friends – This one shows your entire customized list. If you click this link it will display on your feed all the activities of your friends who are under that list. This is very good way to sort or filter the updates that you want to see on your feed.

Interests – Displays all the subscriptions you make from different profile over the Facebook.

Chat – The shortcut panel for chat where you can see the list of your friends in thumbnail display. It displays the list of your friends that you often talk to or chant with.

The Center Panel

Update Status, Post Photos/Videos and Ask Question – one of the most interactive portions of the home page. This is where you share all of your updates. You can post any updates here. Posting photos are creating album can also be made here, and if you want to ask some questions to you friends. You can customize the privacy settings on each of your post, making it more secured and filtered on who you want to show that certain post or update.

The Feed Updates – This consumes the biggest portion of the home page, which entire purpose it to display updates from your friends, pages, groups, games activity or request. You can sort your feed to Most Recent which shows updates by the most recent date and time or the Top Stories which is most like being talked to most of the people on your feed. You also have the option to filter this updates that are coming from your friends or pages and groups. Deleting it on your feed will prompt you if you want to block all the feed coming from that certain channel.

The Right Panel

This panel consists mainly of the events that is happening or will happen. It displays the list of your friends who is celebrating their birthday. This feature of Facebook has become a popular reminder to every user about the upcoming birthdays of their friends. If you will click there name in the list it will pop up a window where in you can greet them and it will be posted on their wall. Other things that you can see on this panel are advertisements from Facebook or Friends Suggestions.

The Profile Page

Displays all about yourself and updates that you made, this page can be customized depending on what kind of privacy you want. You can choose to set some of the vital information in your profile to be viewed by specific people or only you. It has a timeline features that displays all your activities connected to a straight line in the middle which serves are your time like.

Facebook Timeline Overview

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