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Different Type of Servers - Most commonly Used Servers

Updated on February 7, 2015

What is Server ?

A server is computer which manages network and its resources. There are different types of server use in different industries and marketplace. Servers are mostly dedicated computer designed to handle and perform specific tasks. The servers are categorized on the type of work they handle or their functions. A server is a powerful computer having the ability to run several programs at a time. Let’s look at the different servers and the different roles they perform:

What is SQL Server ?

A SQL server is a relational model database server, specifically designed to work with Microsoft’s SQL language. The query languages used in a Microsoft SQL server are T-SQL and ANSI SQL. Microsoft has added several features to its standard SQL language, which includes transaction control, row processing, exception and error handling and declared variables. Microsoft SQL server is preferred by business enterprises for the performance and usability enhancement it provides.

Server Room

Server Room
Server Room

What is Gaming Server

A gaming server is a locally run or remotely run server used by gaming clients to play multiplayer games. The purpose of using a gaming server is to read and transmit vast amounts of data required by the player multi-players games. Game servers are either dedicated server or listening servers. This setup can be mainly seen in LAN party situations. Dedicated servers are located in data centers. These servers are equipped with powerful hardware and software that gives them dedicated processing power.

An example of gaming servers is the MOHAA server, which is a dedicated ‘Medal of Honor: Allied Assault’ server. To join any ‘Medal of Honor: Allied Assault’ league, you will be required to create a MOHAA server. There are many services that allow you to create and host your own MOHAA server. Some of the features of MOHAA servers are: a free website, instant activation, no setup fees and freedom of cancelling anytime.

What is Mail Server

A mail server, or a mail transfer agent (MTA), is an application used for receiving incoming e-mails from local and remote users, and for forwarding outgoing e-mails for delivery. A mail server is also called as an internet mailer or a mail router. Local users include those people who are within the domain of the mail server. A computer that is dedicated to this job is also known as a mail server. Common examples of mail server programs in computers include Microsoft Exchange, qmail, sendmail and Exim.

What is Exchange Server

The Microsoft Exchange Server, today, is considered to be the most popular mail server and collaboration server in the entire world. However, this is limited to home users or casual users. Business users are more familiar with Microsoft’s other e-mail client: Outlook. The Microsoft Exchange Server is an engine that provides the drive to exchange e-mail and information, much similar to Microsoft’s Outlook program.

What is Windows Server

Windows server is the name of the specifically designed operation systems of servers, from Microsoft. There are numerous versions of this operating system, and they come with various features, that can suit different types and sizes of businesses. Some examples of the operations systems from the Windows Server family include the Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2003, and Windows HPC Server 2008, which was specifically designed for high performance computing.


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      Fajar 2 years ago

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