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Different Types of Application Software in Communications

Updated on November 3, 2014

Customized software is software designed for a particular customer. This is the kind of software that you would hire a professional computer programmer—a software creator—to develop for you. Such software would perform a task that could not be done with standard off the-shelf packaged software available from a computer store or mail order house.

Packaged software, or a software package, is the kind of 'of the shelf' program developed for sale to the general public. A software package usually consists of a disk or tape which contains the packed programs, a user manual, and some elements of training and support.

Users are licensed to use the software and seldom have source codes. Package solutions are much cheaper. The buyer getting higher quality product for a fraction of its production costs. Packages are supposed to be generalized answer to specific problems.

This is the principal kind that will be of interest to you.

The types of package software that you will most likely encounter are the following.

Word processing software: This being the most popular kind of applications program, we would not be surprised to hear you are already using it, unless you have stayed with the typewriter for just pen and paper). Word processing software allows a person to use a computer to create, edit, save, and print documents. You would use such software to prepare letters, memos, reports, manuscripts, and so on. Examples of word processing software are Word Perfect. Microsoft Word, Ami Pro, and Mac Write.

Spreadsheet software: If you have to do budgets, sales projections, and financial plans, you will find this kind of software useful. Spreadsheet software allows a person to use rows. columns, and formulas to display. analyze. and summarize data, mostly numerical data. Examples are Louts 1-2-3. Microsoft Excel, and Quattro Pro.

Database manager: A database manager is a program used to manage multiple data files. Examples are dBase. Microsoft Access and Paradox. You'll find database managers useful if you're trying to build and maintain lots of files of cross-referenced information. These might be used for such purposes as research papers or customer lists.

Graphics software: A graphics software package enables users to present information in the form of charts and graphs or to create complex freehand artwork. Simple graphic capabilities are often provide by spreadsheet software, such as Louts 1-2-3- Sophisticated graphics program such as Hollywood, Harvard graphics. and Adobe illustrator. support complex creative artwork.

Communications software: Communications software manages the transmission of data between computes over wired or wireless channels. Examples are ProCom, Smartcorn and Crosstalk.

Some kinds of programs integrate all these functions in one software package, called integrated software. There are, of course, many other applications programs that you may find useful. Examples are personal information, managers, desktop publishing hypertext, and scheduling programs. As we describe elsewhere.


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      amson 2 years ago

      very accessable in all kind of uses

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      ishiqa 5 years ago

      there should be about various general application software and customized software.