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Different Ways To Monetize Your Website/Blog 2018

Updated on January 2, 2018
Niclas Bergman profile image

Hey, I'm Nick and I specialize in web-design and web management. If you got any questions, I will try answering them the best I can!

Most Popular Ways to Monetize a Website/Blog

There are a lot of methods to use if you want to monetize your content online, but the by far most popular ways are displaying ads, affiliate marketing, paid content and donations among others.

In this guide/tutorial I will be going through these things and how you use them to generate revenue on your website or blog, and also how to manage these methods and help you find out which one suits you the best. Although there are a lot more ways to monetize your content, I find these ones to be the most popular methods and therefore I will be going over all of the bold words mentioned above in detail.

Display Ads on Your Website or Blog

Many websites rely completely on ads to monetize their blogs and websites. This is because ads are easy to install and most importantly, provide results.

Now as for which ad program you should use depends on what type of website you have and how your content is arranged and set up. There are a lot of popular ones out there and I am gonna go over the top alternatives that I've found out to be the most effective in terms of targeting, earnings and other results taken into mind.

Google Adsense

The by far most popular alternative. And it is quite obvious as to why, since their targeting is known to be the most precise out there. This means that the visitors will only see ads which are relevant to them to provide the most conversions as possible for you. Also, this alternative is a reliable option. All your payments will arrive on time, and you get access to advanced analytics.

Here are the most noticeable features of Google Adsense:

  • Great targeting which displays the most relevant ads
  • Pays really well if you get the right visitors to click on the right ad
  • Easy to use
  • Ability to customize your ad formats and design to fit your website
  • Are reliable

However, there are a few downsides with this alternative, and the most notable ones are:

  • You need to get approved before you can display ads
  • The approval process involves harsh requirements for you to meet up to and can take a long time
  • Your website cannot include adult content

From these standpoints it is up to you to decide if you wanna try out Google Adsense or if you want to continue reading this article to find out other options (which I recommend anyhow).

To sign up for Adsense, go to:


Another popular alternative. Although a little different from Adsense, Bidvertiser might suit you better. Their ads are not displayed based on your visitors interests, rather on the highest bidding advertiser on your website. This means that the more popular your website is, the higher your ads can pay you. Bidvertiser are reliable, they send payments on time and you get customizing options.

The most notable features of Bidvertiser:

  • No approval process, you are approved immediately after signup
  • Works along with other advertising networks
  • Customized ads and formats
  • Minimum of $10 payout
  • Reliable

The downsides with Bidvertiser:

  • The ads are not targeted
  • Earnings can be very low in the beginning
  • Lacks information in the stats section like click through rate
  • The ads tend to be less professional looking ( my experience)
  • No adult content

So depending on what website you are hosting, you might want to go with Bidvertiser. If you want to try them out go to:

Now let's move on to affiliate marketing, another popular option to monetize your website or blog.

Start With Affiliate Marketing

Another popular method for you to monetize your website and it's content is to start with affiliate marketing. Examples of this would be that you signed up for an affiliate partnership with a company who sells products, and whenever someone buys products from that company who have clicked on your affiliate link you will earn a percentage of the amount they buy for.

There are a lot of companies providing affiliate programs and you should pick the one that best suits the niche of your website. If you are reviewing clothes for example you could have a partnership with a company who sells clothing. Since I do not know the niche of your website I'm just going to include a couple of general affiliate programs.

Amazon Affiliate Program

The amazon affiliate program is one of the most popular choices for affiliate marketing. They have over 1 million products to choose from so it is almost guaranteed you will find some that suits you well. They can pay well and are a trusted and well known company.

Pros of the amazon affiliate program:

  • Over 1 million products
  • Can pay really well if you choose the right product
  • Are a trusted company
  • Reliable and secure payments
  • Easy to get started


  • Limited payment options (only check or gift card for users not in the United States)
  • Prices of products constantly change and so can your earnings

If you want to sign up for the amazon affiliate program go to:

CJ Affiliate Network

Another large network who offer affiliate products of a wide variety. You will get access to advanced reporting capabilities and the program is very easy to use. Since the platform is large this option works out great no matter what niche of website you have, much like amazon associates mentioned above.

Pros of CJ Affiliate:

  • Large platform, a lot of products to choose from
  • Easy to use
  • Superior reporting capabilities


  • Sometimes delays in payments

If you would like to try out the CJ Affiliate network go to:

Now it is time to move on to the paid content alternative, in which I will be discussing membership revenues and payments to access certain parts of content.

Offer Paid Content on Your Website or Blog

We often see examples of certain content which you need to pay for in order to access. This is another great method to monetize your website or blog and can give you surprisingly good results. Most popular variants of paid content are products like e-books, online tutorials, videos, photos and more, and membership areas which you need to pay a fine, sometimes a subscription to access certain parts of a website.

Membership Website

If you have a website where you have a lot of original content, then it could be a good idea to get a membership service up and running. You could make people pay a one time fee or a recurring subscription in order to access all or some of your content. This is a great alternative for websites with an active visitor base and for websites with a high percentage returning visitors.

You can sustain a reliable income every month

With members constantly signing up for your content or paying their subscriptions even just a few members could mean a reliable source of income for a long time.

Pays how much you want it to

When offering a membership subscription to your users, you can set your own recurring price as you see fit. This means that you can decide how much money you will be earning to some extent, although it's not a good idea to crank up the prices to absurdly high, you get the idea.

Works great with other monetizing methods

A membership website works great with other forms of monetizing your content like ads for example. You could show everyone that is not paying for a membership ads to generate income, and those who pay for a membership will not have to see your ads. It's a win-win solution in both cases, for both you and the user. This is a great thing because it can motivate your visitors into paying for a membership and at the same time generate ads income even if a visitor doesn't have a subscription.

If you want to create your own membership website or implement membership features on your website I highly recommend

If you would like to implement membership features to your website if you are using Weebly as your website builder you can upgrade to their business plan.

Paid Products

You can also monetize your website or blog by offering visitors to pay for content you offer. For example if you make video tutorials on makeup, let people pay to access your videos online to earn a fair share of revenue. This can be highly profitable as long as you keep high quality in your products and at the same time add new products every now and then.

Your visitors are gonna crave for more

If your content is good, and an user likes it, there is a high chance they will be purchasing more of your digital goods.

You can sell an infinite amount

Unlike physical goods, digital ones never run out of stock and therefore all your products will always be available, up and running. You will never need to arrange shipping and stocking with a company and you simply avoid all the hassle of selling physical items, still earning money.

Instant ''free'' delivery

Your buyers wont have to worry about not getting their product on time. Simply send them an email with the download link and, done!

If you want to offer paid content on your website or blog, I recommend you try SendOwl - a company who lets you sell your digital content. Try them out at

Now it is time for the last part of this guide/tutorial, donations. A simple but possibly effective way of sustaining your income.

Accept Donations on Your Website or Blog

This alternative might seem like it will never work to monetize your website or blog, and in many cases it doesn't. But that is because to receive donations, your visitors have to be dedicated and a lot of patience is required.

This method requires that you have a strong bond with your visitors and that they find your content valuable enough that they think it's worth paying for. Although this option might be the one who pays the worst, it is the one that's the most harmless to the user experience. Accepting donations is a sign that you really are trying your best to make the user experience as good as possible. That's why this method is best without any other major monetizing options.

Harmless and possibly profitable

This is probably the cleanest method of sustaining an income from your website or blog and will probably only work if you have a pretty large visitor base.

If you would like to add a donate button to your website, go to paypal's button creator

With all of this said, I hope you enjoyed this article and learnt something new about different ways of monetizing your website or blog. If you found this article interesting or intriguing follow me to stay updated when I have something new to share.

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© 2018 Niclas Bergman


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    • profile image

      Smith Saint 

      14 months ago

      Hi Niclas,

      Thank you for such an informative article. I was searching for some guides on affiliate marketing startup and engine led me here. Your writings speak loud about the strong grip you have over your niche. Hope you do not mind but i would like to ask you about something relevant to the affiliate marketing and programs. I am a blogger myself and it's been over an year that i got fully engaged with my contents and built nice followings and traffic that helped me a lot earn a little through adsense but the thing is it's not cutting it. It crossed my mind many times about introducing my webs to affiliate marketing but i was waiting for right moment, and now when i have the traffic built up and trusted following, i feel like i should start promoting products related my niches now. But finding the products of different niches in one place/platform or even getting approved in a program that might just refuse the starters is hard. I've been searching on my own and found this revglue program here in UK that is offering those kinda services and stores data with free CMS tools and 100% commission on sales which caught my eye and i feel like i should try joining them but that would be nice to gain some advise from some professionals on this. any suggestions or recommendations are welcomed.Thank you in advance

    • raucciwrites profile image

      Billie Raucci 

      2 years ago from Illinois

      Very well written! This has some useful tips in it! Thanks for sharing.

    • daica85 profile image


      2 years ago from SG

      Useful article! I'm using CJ as my main affiliate earning in 2018

    • Niclas Bergman profile imageAUTHOR

      Niclas Bergman 

      2 years ago from Sweden, Gothenburg

      I am glad you found something useful :)

    • Gnbvi68 profile image


      2 years ago

      A nice information I never heard about sendowl I think this would help me to make some extra money, anyhow thanks Niclas for such an nice post.


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