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Digital Camera Review- Affordable and Great Quality Digital Camera

Updated on November 25, 2013

Finding a Digital Camera

In my time, I have purchased quite a few digital cameras. I never go for anything too expensive, but I also wanted something that would take great pictures. I live in Florida and I am near the beach a lot so having a good camera would be nice! I also love flowers and though I know I am not a professional photographer, I wanted something that would bring awesome color to my photo.

So, I decided to shop for a new camera. I finally found one that I really like! This camera takes awesome pictures and has all of the functions that I was looking for. The best part is that it is under a 100 bucks. You can't beat that.

About the GE A1050 Digital Camera

The A1050 contains a host of advanced features to deliver stunning images such as: pan capture panorama produced by panning the camera across to create a seamless panoramic picture, auto scene detection, blink detection, smile detection, face detection, in-camera red-eye removal, electronic image stabilization and Quick Time Motion JPEG movie recording.

Explanation of Advanced Features.

  1. Face detection: The camera automatically detects and focus on up to 4 or 5 faces.
  2. Smile detection: The shutter automatically releases and captures smiles the moment they happen.
  3. Pan - Capture Panorama: This mode lets you create a panoramic picture. The camera will automatically compose a panoramic picture.
  4. Auto Scene mode: The most suitable setting will be selected for the best picture possible. Choices are: Landscape, Portrait, Night Portrait, Backlit Portrait, Night Landscape, Macro and Auto.
  5. Blink Detection: This feature is on by default and it will give you a warning message after you take the photo if a blink is detected.

Technical Features

  1. 10MP Digital Camera with 5x optical zoom and 5.7x digital zoom
  2. 2.5 Inch vibrant LCD with auto brightness
  3. 24 MB internal memory with SD/SDHC card support up to an additional 8 GB
  4. Uses 2 AA batteries so you'll never be stranded waiting for your camera battery to charge

A Camera that is good for all

This camera in my opinion is great for beginners and people who are more advanced in photography. If you are look for an easy way to take great pictures I would highly recommend you try it.


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