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How To Select The Right Digital Camera Printer

Updated on June 28, 2009

You've Got A Digital Camera, Now You Need A Printer!

So you've finally made the decision to join the digital revolution by ditching your old-school, 35mm, film-hogging camera and replacing it with a slick, new digital camera. Let me be the first to welcome you to your new life as a digital camera user and to let you know that from now on any part of your life that has to do with shooting, distributing and printing photos will never be the same (and believe me, this is a very good thing).

However, now that you've got yourself a digital camera, you're only halfway to truly enjoying the new freedom, flexibility and potential cost savings that printing your own photos can bring you. To make your digital transition complete, you're going to need a digital camera printer that will help you take full advantage of all that shooting digital photos has to offer.

A dedicated, compact photo printer
A dedicated, compact photo printer
A standard photo printer
A standard photo printer
An all-in-one or multifunction printer that can print, scan and fax
An all-in-one or multifunction printer that can print, scan and fax

Digital Camera Printers And Options

Now that you've got your digital camera and have mastered most of what it has to offer, it's now time that you start looking at digital camera printers and the various options that are currently available. Over the last 5 years or so, the amount of people who have stopped getting their photos developed the old-fashioned way, by taking photos on film and taking them to a Wal-Mart or local drug store, has dropped dramatically. With this major shift to the use of digital cameras came a whole new need for the printers that can fully support them.

As you begin to start looking at the various types of digital camera printers, you can basically separate them into three major groups:

  1. Smaller, dedicated compact photo printers that don't need to be connected to a PC and can be used to print photos directly off of your digital camera or memory card.
  2. Regular sized photo printers that connect to a computer, have photo quality built into them and can also potentially be used for printing other documents besides photos.
  3. All-in-one or multifunction printers that not only can be used for digital camera and other document printing, but can also be used to scan, fax and copy, too.

These three different types of digital camera printers make up the foundation of digital photo printing and are explained in more detail in the following sections.

Compact And Dedicated Digital Camera Printer

Compact and dedicated digital camera printers are just what they sound like they are -- they're smaller and more compact printers that are dedicated and specifically built to print only photos. You'll be able to pick these out pretty easily due to the fact that most of them only load smaller sized photo paper, with most only printing as large as a 4x6.

Mobile And On-The-Go
For some of you, these printers might be the perfect option as you don't want to be stuck to a computer when printing your photos and you don't want your printer to have the smallest footprint (space that it takes up) as possible. By having the ability to literally take your printer with you anywhere you want it makes these types of printers very attractive to those who would like to take their digital camera printing on the go. There are even battery powered printers that allow you to be freed from finding a plug the next time that you feel the urge to print up a photo for yourself or someone else.

Small Size, Big Price
The one thing that you'll probably notice about these printers when looking at the prices is that although these printers are small in size, they're all fairly large in price, meaning that they're all a little on the expensive side. I guess that this is nothing new though, considering that most electronics get more and more pricey as they continue to get smaller and much more compact. If you are interested in one of these then you should take a look at some reviews of a few compact and dedicated digital camera printers whenever you get the chance.

Final Thoughts
So, in summary, if you're looking for a smaller printer that you can take pretty much anywhere with you that you would be willing to dedicate to only printing off smaller, 4x6 and other photo-sized photos, then one of these types printers might just be right for you.

Regular Digital Camera Printer

I guess that when I use 'regular' in the title of this section it probably sounds like these types of printers aren't really that exciting. But, I call this type of photo printer regular only because it's usually the first thing that most people think of when they get a picture of a photo printer in their heads. I guess that I also say regular because these are the most common types of digital camera printer by far, which I guess does in fact make them the industry standard.

Lots Of Options
These types of photo printers come in all shapes, sizes and price levels, so if you're more inclined to go for one of the regular digital camera printers then you're probably going to have a little bit of homework to do before picking one up. Nearly all brands of digital camera printers make a few products that start out around a $50-$100 price range and they go up from there depending on what all types of features you're looking to invest in.

Features To Be Aware Of
Some of the features that you should be aware of when making a buying decision on one of these regular digital camera printers are as follows:

  • Printing Resolution (how sharp the photos can be printed)
  • LCD Screen Options (how advanced the viewing LCD screen is)
  • Printing Speed (how fast the printer can print photos)
  • Digital Storage Card Options (whether or not you can print directly from a digital storage card)

Final Thoughts
Once you figure out what features you would like included on your regular digital camera printer and you determine a price that you're willing to spend, then all you have to do is find a place for them to meet in the middle and you'll be printing off your new photos in no time!

All-In-One Digital Camera Printers

The final type of digital camera printer that we'll talk about is the hard-working and multi-tasking all-in-one. An all-in-one or multifunction printer is a product that's becoming more and more popular as their demand goes up and their prices continue to go down. These photo printers and called all-in-one due to the fact that can handle much more than just printing. They can also scan, copy, fax and read photos directly from a storage card.

More Photo Printing Options
This type of printer can be very handy, especially if you have any old 4x6 photos that you'd like scan to your computer so that you can email them or post them up on the Internet. Some of these all-in-one digital camera printers can also be used without having them attached to a computer, which is pretty handy sometimes, too. You can also skip the scanning function by simply copying a photo that you have and printing it out in full-color.

Great For The Small or Home Office
If you have a small or home office, these types of digital camera printers could easily double as a work machine for you during 9-to-5 all while still being able to take care of your photo printing when you're not working. Most of these printers are more than capable of supporting 3-5 people and can even be networked within an office environment, so you should have no worries about making it a part of your everyday workplace.

Final Thoughts
So even though you might spend a little more on an all-in-one digital camera printer, it will help you be more productive than ever by being able to take care of your printing needs, as well as your faxing, copying and scanning. If you feel like having these extra options would be something that you would use beyond being just a digital camera printer, then it could be a very useful option for you to take a look at.


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      Paul 5 years ago

      You don't mention if any camera is compatable with these printers.