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Digital Cameras For Kids

Updated on April 21, 2013

Digital Photography For Kids

The days when taking photographs with your camera involved sending reels of film off to processing labs have gone. Polaroids have also largely disappeared. Photography is, for most of us, an entirely digital pastime these days.

Whilst some people will lament the passing of "real" photography, the digital age has some very definite advantages.

  1. Instant results.
    You can see the results of your photos on the LCD viewer immediately. You might not know if it's a keeper or not till you see it on a larger screen - but you'll probably know if you really messed up and it's easy to take a few extra snaps anyway.
  2. No films to load or process.
    You can display your photos on a computer or a digital photo frame just by downloading it from memory. It's a lot less hassle, it's a lot faster and it's a lot cheaper. It's also more environmentally friendly.
  3. Freedom to experiment a little.
    Your main expense is buying your camera. Without reels of film to pay for and to have processed, you can get as snap happy as you like. Memory is cheap these days.
  4. Digital cameras, photo frames and photo quality printers are getting cheaper all the time.

With all of the above advantages, it shouldn't be too surprising that there are now plenty of digital cameras available for children as young as 3 years old. These are very good value for money - even the best kid's cameras are fairly inexpensive these days - and, when you consider how much kids like them and the enjoyment that both they and their parents get from them, they really are very good value for money.

What To Look For In A Kid's Camera

The requirements for a child's camera are quite a bit different from those for an adult camera. To some extent, it will depend upon the age and personality of the child in question.

However, as a general rule, the following points should be considered when you're shopping for digital cameras as a gift for younger children:

  1. The camera should be rugged and robust.
    It's only natural that younger children will tend to drop, bump and scrape their cameras. Choose a design that will be able to cope with a little rough handling.
  2. Controls should be simple and easy to use.
    Large bright buttons, and clearly laid out controls will be a lot easier for little hands and fingers to operate.
  3. Ease of picture retrieval.
    Children will, quite naturally, be thrilled to see their photos on display. Make sure that you have a quick and easy method to get the photos onto a computer, a digital photo frame or even a TV set. They'll be delighted when they see the results of their efforts.

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