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Human Communication in a Digital World: Trafficking

Updated on August 10, 2014
 "Otto Greiner - Prometheus" by Otto Greiner
"Otto Greiner - Prometheus" by Otto Greiner | Source

Digital Trafficking is not yet defined by the dictionary so I'm originating the word or phrase. For the record, consider this is first definition to date.

Digital Trafficking is the sharing of our private information, without our consent, for purposes other than stated in the terms and conditions. Grouping us and selling us based on our demographic. As a result, our 'digital informational person' is being distributed at will by companies like Google and Facebook, violating our yet established, Virtual Rights. It is a violation of human rights also, but that is another blog. This article is focused on solutions for the business owner who is being affected the most by the cost of our personal information and preferences.

Digital Trafficking is the cause for the Pay to Play mentality and the elimination of Organic Marketing.

Organic Marketing evens the playing field; as a Digital, Content and Social Marketer and 'Social Media-list' if you will, I can work with it. New Tricks, same Dog. For the Small Businesses and Clients I work for, it just stacked the deck in favor of Big Brother.

Facebook 'Insights' are laughable. The numbers change at random and slowly the same reach we had before is no longer because we are not paying them to advertise. Sigh.

What can you do if you are a small business? Revisit your traditional marketing methods. Call your clients, bring a basket of muffins, send a well thought out, handwritten thank you card or go to an large event and interact with 'the people' again, handing out flyers and having face to face conversations.

The Digital Market is already too saturated. We are a desensitized consumer. The business who get in touch with Grassroots Relationship Marketing again will succeed. Direct Community Marketing and Mom and Pop mentalities will get you back in contact with the people your business serves. When we serve the needs of the neighborhood, we all win.


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