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Digital watches: what’s the deal with them

Updated on March 13, 2012


A digital screen watch can really help you. You can find digital watches at all prices, and this is probably the best way to know what the time is at any point during the day (anyway, much better than analyzing the position of the sun.)

A digital watch can be the perfect gift. Do you want to buy something nice for your girlfriend? If she likes the pink style and Dolce Gabana you could choose to buy her the expensive Pink Cheyenne watch from Dolce & Gabana. Of course there are many digital watches that are much cheaper (this D & G watch costs no less than 160 dollars). Another expensive watch is the Nike Nate digital watch which costs more than 180 dollars. Of course if you want a digital watch made by a famous company you will have to pay a few extra dollars. If you want a cheaper resistant digital watch you could go for the LED Digital Wrist Watch Sport Watch which costs less than 40 dollars.

So what does digital in digital watches really stand for? Well it simply tells you how the display looks. The traditional look is the analog look that works with the help of at least two rotating hands that show you the hour and the minute. There have even been produced digital analog displays in which the hands were simulated on the surface of an LCD screen.

Digital display watches will show you the time in numbers. Some people prefer digital watches to analog watches. So it is all up to you. You get to choose which watch you want and you should choose one you really like.

Final words

Do you really need to know what the time is at any point, but do not want to spend a fortune on a watch? Then you could go for a cheap digital watch, for example the Casio W-59-1VX Alarm Chronograph Watch which is the Casio entry level digital watch and costs no more than 10 British pounds on Amazon. It has a very affordable price and you will be using it for years because it is quite resistant. Timex also produces a similar entry level digital watch. Whatever your budget is you can definitely buy yourself a watch you will love and wear for many years from the moment of the acquisition. Good luck finding the best watch for yourself.


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