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Disadvantages of free Windows password recovery tools

Updated on June 27, 2012

Free things are great as long as they serve the purpose. Free Windows password recovery tools are good if they are really good at recovering the passwords and if it does the job without any damages to the computer and without any data loss. But there is a huge doubt whether this can be achieved by a free Windows password recovery tool. Following are the major disadvantages of free Windows password recovery tools.

1. The quality of free Windows password recovery tools is very low compared to premium Windows password recovery tools

There are very high quality Windows password recovery tools in the market today which comes with a price. This quality is achieved by putting lot of hard work by the company behind the software. A quality product is the result of continues development of the product for a long period of time. The product is tested to work in almost any situation; it does not depend on the version of operating system (Windows 2000, NT, XP, Vista or Windows 7), the manufacturer of hardware and the type of user account (administrator/user). It does not depend on the characters used in the password or length of the password. Also it recovers the password very quickly, often in less than 1 minute. But the same is not true for free Windows password recovery tools. They may recover some passwords in some situations but not the all. The simple reason is it is very difficult to invest that amount of money and effort for a free tool.

2. Safety and security of data is not guaranteed when using a free password recovery tool

This is the most worrying factor of free tools; the actual intention of the software. Sometimes the software acts as a password recovery tool, but in the background it runs something totally different. It can open a port in the computer and start sending the data in the computer to the outside world or it can install some other software. It is very difficult to trust a free tool because often the company who develops the software is not a reputed one, in many situations it is an individual person.

3. Lack of customer support

Customer support is a major requirement in evaluating any software. In the complex Windows operating systems many issues can arise when you are using a tool, so a quality customer support service is a must. Most of the times the free tools won’t offer customer support at all or it may offer email support, but you will have to wait weeks for a reply. Can you wait that long to get the access to your system back?

It is true that there are many free software tools available which are of very good quality. Some free tools have become the best in the business. You can give many examples for this like Linux OS and Apache web server. So there can be good free password recovery tools but it is not easy to identify the good ones from the hundreds of available tools. The time invested in that process can be clearly used in some useful work which will give you more return. So my advice is to go for a high quality Windows password recovery tool.


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    • profile image

      Banie 4 years ago

      It is really not good to "enjoy" usage of free Windows recovery software. I was tried such a free tool that does not work for my computer. Finally, I have to pay for pro Windows Password Recovery Tool and deal with my forgotten password with its step by step Youtube video guide:

    • profile image

      abcd 4 years ago

      wow this is very bad