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Disastrous misunderstanding of programmers in Vietnam

Updated on June 6, 2015

They are human beings and attractive personality pole. Programmers always live in their own world, no man probably no one would think that a person sitting at a computer 15 hours a day may have complaints designing, or painting. But these mobile apps you use every day is the work of a brain with logic sublime, just handle the algorithms and programming instructions, just put yourself in position to write out a user Estate Is convenient, easier to use or home. This may be one of the most intelligent people (with skills normal social interaction) that you will encounter in life.

Trousers, shirt, so that fight you already can begin to imagine a head programmer art, or a little passionate about design, but still slightly ... "refuge"? You should immediately look into the guy in jeans bunch, healthy sports shoes, black-rimmed glasses and hair glue sitting next claw - this becomes the image of a mobile programmer that you missed during recently. Sometimes they would wear a shirt, but the majority of mobile developers who are comfortable dressing style, and especially not afraid to express his passion. So if you then met a guy wearing a T-shirt printed with the programming language with pride, this is the guy programmer your mobile.

Face all day plugged into the wrong game again, but not so, many people still mistakenly believe as you are. If the game is a potential market in the world of mobile applications, the "superman" programming is also the author of all kinds of applications handicapped shopping, social networking, photo sharing, listen to music, watch movies to exercise and learn all that you are "grasping" his cell each day. So you're wondering, write the application of health, reading and reading, eating like this, not boring also for programmers how mobile apps? The first reason would surprise you, but portable programmer also has a rich life filled with adventure and colorful as those of others. They will also read on the beach, just that they will hold the tablet to read. Their joy was cooking, but before that they will take 30 minutes to find the easiest recipe online. The truth is, mobile developers because not everyone is a "game" should be determined according to the profession. They just believe totally in the usability of mobile phones, and believe in a not too distant future when what is needed to reach out to the world, all of which will be updated from within the palm of your hand. Programmers are ... "poor" With the growth of smartphones in recent years, vocational write mobile applications is one of the hottest job today. Not only to learn a language completely new programming , you will lose khongqua a month, the salary you receive as a programmer successful mobile applications will be evaluated by "hard currency". Do not forget, they are extremely intelligent, has the head just thinking of studying, and promoting the arts, with excellent communication skills and often very funny, this is a great recipe for a successful young business people. So if you just know to a Dong Nguyen - "1 app a millionaire", then you have been missing those have been very successful corporations from writing professional applications such as financial TeaMobi Vietnam.

To become the next application programming Vietnam has the title of "one application of 1 billion", the contest Billionaire Windows Phone app here. But now the story of "one application a millionaire" outdated. In the future, the developers of us will have greater opportunity to "1 app a billionaire" with contests like billionaire Windows Phone applications and numerous other attractive playing field for private Works. If you start feeling programming job application is a fun, why not try to visit the community forums Vietnam application developers to learn more. Access the website here to learn about opportunities to become a billionaire developer of Vietnam.


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