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Discarded plastic are now converted to fuel

Updated on July 8, 2012
liquid-fuel from recycled plastic
liquid-fuel from recycled plastic


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waste plastic bottlesplastic fuel converterJayme Navarro shows by-products of fuel from waste plastic through pyrolysis technologyfuel from waste plasticscavanging for recyclable plastic
waste plastic bottles
waste plastic bottles
plastic fuel converter
plastic fuel converter
Jayme Navarro shows by-products of fuel from waste plastic through pyrolysis technology
Jayme Navarro shows by-products of fuel from waste plastic through pyrolysis technology
fuel from waste plastic
fuel from waste plastic
scavanging for recyclable plastic
scavanging for recyclable plastic

Recycling waste plastic to fuel

At last the volume of garbage that are thrown day in day out to dump sites will be minimized because of the exclusion of plastic which will be separated and collected and sold at P4.00 per kilo. It is indeed a welcome news to marginal sectors of society who earned their daily bread scavenging for sorts of scraps plastic included.

As additional income for household members, it is best to keep discarded plastic materials in a corner of the yard until the pile grows to a number of kilos then you’ll have an extra income rather than include them in the garbage for total disposal. See the beauty. Plastic means money. Plastic not included in garbage saves man-hours in terms of government funds because public workers will now be free of properly disposing them.

In Catbalogan, particularly very near the BLISS community in Barangay Canlapwas, is an enterprising Cebuano who deals in practically all kinds of scrap, including plastic. He bought them from local folks and from nearby towns and has a ready market for them. He owns a machine which do the crushing of the plastic into small bits before selling them. It is the common observation that pieces of discarded iron, alumimum, steel and now plastic are saved and sold for money. Seldom are these things thrown as garbage now.

Perhaps the machine-crushed plastic materials from the City of Catbalogan and other places find their way to a factory in Rodriguez, Rizal, Philippines where they are manufactured into fuel. Again they are feed into a machine and crushed once again this time into powdered form and melted. Through distillation they are made into gas, kerosene and diesel.

It is reported that oil from recycled plastic is P5.00 cheaper than fuel sold commercially. Here are the figures. 2 tons of plastic yield 8 drums or 1,600 liters of diesel, said the report. Production costs is P4,000 per ton or P4.00 per kilo.

As its sign of support, the Dept. of Science and Technology has issued it a patent after successful 3 months operation dry run under close observation.

From this discovery, we shot two birds. First- volume of garbage is decreased because of the exclusion of plastic, second- it provides motorists a cheaper fuel alternative.

Filipino inventor JAYME NAVARRO and his family of Rodriguez, Rizal, are given the distinct honor of discovering this novel technology. They are now running this business.

CynarPlc is another firm whose effort is likewise directed to solve the problem of waste plastic. It has developed a technology that converts waste plastic into diesel called ELPD (End of Life Plastic to Diesel). It has an ELPD plant in Ireland and a branch in the United Kingdom.

JBI, Inc. is- according to an article- an innovative North American fuel company that transforms unsorted, unwashed waste plastic into ultra-clean, ultra-low sulphur fuel without the need for refinement. JBI, Inc., with its founder John Bordynuik has perfected their so-called Plastic2Oil technology, has 2 plastic processor plants in Niagara Falls, New York.

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    • nick071438 profile image

      nick071438 5 years ago from City of Catbalogan, W, Samar, Philippines

      Good to see you again. I invite you to write on the same vein. Plastic pollution is a mountain of a problem that calls for joint effort. I know you'll not run out of ideas. Just browse and search for similar hubs especially on sea and ocean plastic littering to gather ideas from here in hubpages. I devoured reading 2 hubs posted above this commentary section and found them truly alarming. Thanks for the visit.

    • travel_man1971 profile image

      Ireno Alcala 5 years ago from Bicol, Philippines

      I also saw and heard the news on TV. In fact, I am planning to make a hub out of it. But when you posted a comment on my tribute hub during my 1st year on HP, I eagerly browse your profile and got hooked with this hub.

      This should be prioritized by the government. With the gargantuan menace of garbage in the country, this will be a very effective endeavor in order to combat such 'smelly' problem everyday.

      This will also generate jobs to those who are in need of a lucrative income these days.

      It's time to do our part. Mr. Jayme Navarro should disseminate this good news to the whole archipelago.