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Discover Some Hidden Features of Windows 8

Updated on September 17, 2014
Windows 8 Secrets
Windows 8 Secrets | Source

Five Hidden Secrets Of Windows 8

Yes, the Windows 8 operating system is the talk of the town! It is different from its predecessors and has a lot of features that are new and challenging to first time users. This platform is one that compels you to become a student again. It has a unique touch screen presentation and is targeted at those devices where touch screen features work well. This does not mean that is cannot be used for devices that do not have touchscreen. This OS works for all and every individual gets a different user-experience irrespective of the fact that he/she is using a touchscreen device or not.

As mentioned above once you are exposed to the Windows 8 Platform you need to become a student once again. There are five hidden secrets of this new OS that many people do not even know about. Now it is your turn to discover them and find out what the purpose they serve.

1. The Secret Menu:

Now as we all know when you hover the mouse to the bottom right of the computer screen you get a switch between a tablet and desktop interface. However clicking on the same place gives you exposure to a hidden menu with useful links to most areas of the OS. These are short-cut links and you do not have to dig deep into the OS to locate them.

2. Re-Installation of Windows:

If your OS is corrupted, you can actually re-install Windows 8 in just a few minutes. This helps you save time and there is no need for the usual disc repairs, register cleaning and more when you face the hassles of corrupt software.

3. Unique screen shot creator on screen:

Gone are the days when taking a screen shot was a mammoth task. We had to press the print screen option on the keyboard and find a place where we could copy the screen shot taken before it could be used for its intended purpose. Thanks to some unique changes and innovations in Windows 8 OS you can do it directly on screen. All you have to do is select print screen and the windows key together. The screen shot gets saved automatically as a “screenshot.png”.You will find this screen shot in the picture folder.

4. History of Files:

You have a brand new feature that makes you always thankful to Windows 8. This is a file history of all the documents you have created. You can access to the old ones as well. This helps you in your work especially if you are in a job where opening and accessing documents is vital. This file history manager ensures you get all your documents together and you no longer have to waste time searching for them.

5. Enhanced Feature for Snap:

The snap feature was popular in the Windows 7 OS and this new software has just gone one-step ahead. You can make them smaller for using them as per your need and convenience. The feature is more flexible and helps you when you have to resize the image you have taken. This means you can do two things at once.

Thus, from the above it is evident that the Windows 8 OS has lots to offer. This is the reason why it is making waves. It is fresh innovation from the old platforms we are used to. This is the reason why people are now talking about it as there is so much to learn and know about this new OS that has hit the market and taken it by storm. Therefore, if you have not yet loaded it do it now and experience the difference!

RoggerShaw is a tech blogger and blogs at Windows 8 is his passion. He dig everyday to find something more about windows 8.

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