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Do I Really Need the Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone?

Updated on March 28, 2013
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Matt is an avid traveller and self-confessed 'man of the world'. He is passionate about his home city, Manchester, and about travelling.

The new Samsung Galaxy S4
The new Samsung Galaxy S4

Galaxy s4

Ok, let me get something straight right off the bat, this is no technical review of the Samsung Galaxy s 4. I haven't done a smartphone test and this isn't a smartphone review. I don't claim to be an expert on smartphone internet technology nor am I even particularly helpful when it comes to providing a review on something.

In 1998 I was way ahead of the pack when it came to mobile phones. With my very first pay packet from my first job I bought a Motorola phone on the Vodafone network using a pay as you go tariff. The problem back then was that I was the only person I knew who had a mobile phone. It was basically useless. I couldn't send an SMS to anyone and no one would ever call me on the phone because the call charges were astronomical. I was there, clutching my phone in my hand waiting for the world to catch up. Fast forward 15 years later and I am so far behind I don't even want a phone any more as the latest technology has simply passed me by.

Release of Galaxy s4

In 2013 mobile phones are such a normal part of our everyday lives that it's almost impossible to imagine life without one. However, I have managed to live without a phone for almost 12 months now due to the fact that I have been travelling around the planet operating completely independently of our everyday societal norms and conventions.

Now that I'm back at home I feel like these everyday societal norms and conventions are telling me that I need a phone, and not just any phone but a smartphone. So, my friend tells me I ought to wait for the Samsung Galaxy S4 and then I'll have the best phone on the market. When I asked him if I really needed a phone like this he just looked at me with a look of complete incredulity that I'd even asked a question like that!

Ok, so I asked myself if I really needed a Samsung Galaxy S4. I have set out my findings in the table below.

Feature of the Galaxy S4
Do I need this?
56% larger screen than iPhone5
My eyesight is fine
It has a built-in Infra-red diode
I already have a TV remote
Users can control some other applications by making gestures in the air above the phone
I'm not a crazy person
When several S 4s are in close proximity, they can link up to play the same music, simultaneously - perfect for headphone dance parties.
Where to start??
Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean Operating System
The android may be a rogue and try to kill me. I do like jelly beans though
13 megapixel camera
I have a camera
1.9GHz quad-core processor
My laptop would develop an unhealthy inferiority complex
Also works as a phone
To make calls

What are apps?

One thing I do like about smartphones are the apps. For a while I had no idea what people were talking about when the spoke of android, and application and what app to get next from the app store. I have an iPod Touch so I download apps from the appstore. I prefer free apps but I always thought Android apps or iPhone apps were the only kind of app there was. But then I learned that there are Samsung apps too. These apps for Samsung have helped Samsung keep right up alongside Apple at the top of the smartphone market. I like using the book apps and the game apps but as I say, I only download free apps. If I had the galaxy s4 Samsung smartphone i worry that I'd just download too many apps and I'd never be able to out the thing down!

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'Classic' Nokia 3320
'Classic' Nokia 3320

In Conclusion

So it seems I don't need a Galaxy S4. I would think its safe to say that I don't need any smartphone. I would like the apps feature but then I can just continue to download iPhone apps on my iPod Touch. I've even been thinking that I might try to make an app of my own. I'll try and make one for Galaxy apps and make a free android app as I've found a program to help me do this.

All of this doesn't necessarily mean that I want to stick with the phone that I've been using since returning from my trip. The phone I've been using is a genuine relic, but an incredibly reliable relic: the Nokia 3320. It is a bit embarrassing though when I have to get this out in public. I reckon I can at least allow myself the pleasure of owning a phone from this decade.

Right, I'm off for a game of Snake and to try and set the A-Team theme tune as my ringtone.


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    • pinappu profile image

      pinappu 4 years ago from India

      Funny! Need is different from greed.