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Do Not Allow Browsers To Remember Your Password

Updated on May 12, 2016
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Patrick is a dedicated technology writer who wishes to make the world better by informing individuals who seek more knowledge.

Do Not Allow Browsers To Remember Your Password

It is important for people working with the Internet to secure their important information such as their passwords. There are so many bad people out there wanting to get a grasp of your password(s). If you let them do so, you will be in a lot of trouble. There are so many bad things that can be done to your hacked account and that can also be done using your hacked account. It is thus important to protect your passwords at all costs.

Important Tips

  • Do not allow browsers to remember passwords especially on public computers.
  • Make use of very strong passwords.
  • Use a combination of alphabets, numbers, special characters, uppercase and lowercase.
  • Do not use short passwords.
  • Do not use your names, ID number, passport number or such easy things to guess.
  • Do not forget your password.

Be on High Alert

Since you will never know when you will fall victim to these bad guys, it is always advisable to be on high alert. You should always be on your guard as this can help prevent incidences that will leave you wishing you knew. As they say, you better be safe than sorry. There is a lot of cyber crime of late and the sad thing is that the problems keeps on increasing instead of going down. Being careful with your password and how you handle it is the only way to be secure. You should also not give out your password to anyone unless a very trusted person.

Viewing Saved Passwords

Saved passwords are displayed here
Saved passwords are displayed here | Source

Be Careful On How You Handle Your Password(s)

Luckily you do not have to undergo any costs when securing your passwords. You only have to be careful how you handle them as you work online. You have seen browsers requesting to remember your passwords. Yes this seems as a very good idea to you because you will not be typing or entering the passwords once you want to log in to that specific website. This can help you save some time but let me assure you that this is not a really good idea. Why? So you may ask.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome
Google Chrome | Source

Why Should I Be Careful?

The reason you should not allow your browser to remember your password is very simple; the passwords that are saved by your browser are very easy to retrieve. So if you save passwords on a machine that is accessed by many people, they can be stolen easily without much effort. Then the person can do whatever harm he or she wants with your account. If it is a personal computer, then there is no problem allowing the browser to remember those passwords. Only then you must make sure you do not give out your machine to dubious characters.

Be Careful when You Are in an Internet Cafe

In places like cyber cafes, allowing the computer you are using to remember password will be tantamount to you giving out your passwords. Remember these are public computers accessed by many people in a day. That option for 'remember my password' should be a big NO NO! Also be careful when typing your password especially if the place is not secluded. There might be some peeping Toms around. Let them not get your password so easily, at least they should struggle if they are to get it.

Stay Safe From Hackers

A Hacker?
A Hacker? | Source

Do Not Use Simple Passwords

You should never use simple passwords that are easy to guess such as any of your names, very short passwords, numbers like 1,2,3, ..., identification number, Passport number, phone number, among others. A good password will be a combination of numbers, special characters, and alphabets. They can also be combined upper case and lower case.

A strong password will always be hard to crack. Now something worthy noting is that after creating your password, make sure you do not forget it. Forgetting your password is akin to losing your house or car keys.

Saved and Unsaved Passwords

Saved and Unsaved Passwords
Saved and Unsaved Passwords | Source

Retrieving Saved Passwords On Chrome

It is very easy to retrieve saved password from Google Chrome and other browsers. For instance for those who use chrome, it is very easy to recall or to see your saved passwords. To check this just type this on your browser, ‘chrome://settings/passwords’. A list of sites with saved and unsaved passwords will be displayed. From there then you just click on the extreme right hand side and then click on show password. Your password will be there in black and white for all to see.

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© 2014 Patrick Kamau


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    • Patkay profile image

      Patrick Kamau 3 years ago from Nairobi, Kenya

      Thanks a lot lawdoctorlee for the visit and comment. I am glad you have learnt something helpful here. It would be awful to have ones password stolen by the bad guys. It is good that you are now taking care of your passwords. You are welcome to read more of my works.

    • lawdoctorlee profile image

      Liza Treadwell Esq aka Liza Lugo JD 3 years ago from New York, NY

      Patkay, this is an excellent hub. I can see why your hubs have so many views: not only are they well written but they contain important information that everyone should know. Thanks for making us aware of the loopholes. I have now changed my passwords and cleared any that were saved. I won't be saying "yes" to the computer to save my passwords anymore, though I never did that on a public computer.

      Continue writing great hubs! I, for one, will continue to follow them. Wishing you nothing but the best. Voting this hub "up" and "useful."

    • Patkay profile image

      Patrick Kamau 3 years ago from Nairobi, Kenya

      @RonElFran yes it so easy, we have to be careful.

    • RonElFran profile image

      Ronald E Franklin 3 years ago from Mechanicsburg, PA

      I wasn't aware of how easy it is to retrieve a password. Good info.