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LifeProof Case for the Iphone: Reviewing the Cost and Value

Updated on July 11, 2012

The LifeProof Case

The LifeProof case for Iphone has some great features. It is water proof, snow proof, shock proof, and dirt proof. It completely seals off the phone, not allowing even a tiny particle of Earth's elements inside. Still, many people struggle with trying to decide whether or not to dish out the $80 required to buy the phone case. With a hefty price tag, it is difficult to tell if the cost really outweigh the benefits. After all, many phones dont even cost $80! Before spending your hard earned money on something you aren't quite sure of, you may want to take a few things into consideration.

Does your lifestyle require it?

You do not have to be a snowboarder, Olympic swimmer, rock climber, or dirt bike professional to appreciate the LifeProof. You will however want to ask yourself if the lifestyle you live really warrants getting the protection from the case. The main question to ask yourself is what your typical day is like.If you get up, go an office for work, come home, run on the treadmill, watch TV, eat dinner, and go to bed, you probably could get by with a less expensive case for your Iphone.

However, if you are outdoors quite a bit, you may want to consider it. Many people must have their phone with them at all times. Most people dont have any other way to communicate with people. So if we live a life that increases the likelihood our phone will encounter the elements, you may want to consider a LifeProof. Some activities that may warrant it include:

  • Exercising Outdoors - Sweat, rain, and dust can damage your Iphone
  • Swimming/Water Activities- Even if you are careful, water can still splash and get in your phone
  • Working Outdoors - Dust, rain, and snow damage are likely when working outside. Also, it is more prone to drops while working.

There are other activities that you may feel require the LifeProof, but this is really dependent on the person. Do you drop your phone alot? Do you ever lose it for a while? Do you spill things often? All of these are things you will want to consider.

If you are confident that your lifestyle does not require the protection of LifeProof, dont get it. If you engage in any of the activities above or answered yes to any of the questions, I suggest LifeProof.

Are you going to get a case anyway?

If you are the type of person who does not like cases for whatever reason, then you have probably already made your decision. If you are plan on getting a case for your phone anyway, there several considerations.

Do you prefer style, or protection? There are numerous inexpensive cases with really nice designs for Iphone out there. Don't expect to get much protection out of them though. While they may protect your phone from cracking for a while, after several drops these cases will break. If you are more interested in the longevity of your phone than you are style, LifeProof is a good option. The Otterbox cases provide good shock protection from drops. Thats about it though. They will run you over $50 for a Defender series. If you want added screen protection, you will need to dish out $20-$30 for HD screen covers.

Taking that into consideration, it makes more sense to go with LifeProof. You receive not only shock protection and an even better screen cover, you get water and dirt proof technology for around the same cost. The LifeProof also looks somewhat sleeker than the Otterbox cases.

LifeProof ($80)
Otterbox - Defender ($50)
Shock Protection
Shock Protection
Screen Protection
Large Variety of Styles
Water Proof
Snow Proof
Dirt Proof
4 Color Options


While all of the main functions of your Iphone will not be affected with the superior protection of a LifeProof case, there are a couple of tradeoffs to consider in comparing most other case types.

  1. Lack of accessory compatibility - The LifeProof is designed to not allow any of the elements from coming into contact with the Iphone. Therefore, the charging port at the bottom of the phone is covered by a small door that opens and closes in order to plug in the charger. While this is a necessity to the protection the case offers, it limits how can you utilize accessories. You are essentially unable to plug the phone into a dock. Also, many brands of accessories will not fit in the charge portal opening. LifeProof recommends only Apple brand accessories, as they are all capable of connecting to the LifeProof safely. If you are a person who likes to use docks and lots of different kinds of accessories, this may be a serious drawback.
  2. Inability to remove case - The LifeProof case is not made to be take off and on again and again. The company suggest that the case has the ability to come off and on no more than around 50 times. After this, it may have lost some of its ability to completely seal the phone inside. If you occasionally like to remove your phone from its case for any reason, this too will be something you will need to consider in your decision to purchase.

The Verdict

Even with the tradeoffs you are forced to accept with the LifeProof, the quality and protection you get from it make the case hard not to consider. The superiority cannot be denied. Rest assured that the LifeProof case will not disappoint in what the company says it will do. It truly is exceptional in protection and rarely does a case ever malfunction. Do not refuse to spend the money because you are not sure about quality. It does what it says it will do.

If superior protection is what you seek, LifeProof is economically the better choice. If you prefer to use docks and other similar accessories quite often, or prefer style and look over quality and protection, you will want to go for a less expensive case.

Again, the purchase decision is completely determinate on the person. You must consider your own lifestyle and needs before you invest in a LifeProof, but do not doubt the superiority of protection it offers when compared the Otterbox or other similar brands.


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    • Sethughes profile image

      Sethughes 3 years ago

      Yes, but it's not recommended in excess. I believe life proof states that if removed about 50 times it may lose it's ability to completely seal the phone.

    • profile image

      Thomas duke 3 years ago

      Can you take the lifeproof off