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Do You Use Ringback Tones?

Updated on October 13, 2010

“You…You got what I need...” recently I made a phone call to a family member and was greeted with this piece of music. Upon calling another family member, I was greeted with the song Hey, Soul Sister ---isn’t communication technology fun? These greetings are known as ringback tones and are a great way to express yourself on your mobile phone. Of course, that doesn’t mean that everyone who calls you really wants to know what your favorite song of the month is, either. Fortunately, ringback tones don’t have to be just music.

Ringback tones, just in case you have not experienced this interesting calling feature, are the sounds heard when you are waiting for someone to answer your call. Rather than the traditional ringing sound, you may hear an assortment of sounds. Sounds such as music from virtually every genre, movie sound clips, and celebrity greetings are common ringback tones. However, businesses can also take advantage of this great communications feature. In the business world, companies can have messages telling callers about special promotions, hours of service or even a company directory, thus saving time when the call is answered.

MP3 ringback tones are found on virtually and cell phone provider’s website as well as sites like Jamster and Mjams. You can occasionally find sites where the ringback tones are free, but more commonly you should expect to pay a downloading fee (usually a minimum of $0.99) and will then be charged a monthly fee on your mobile phone bill.


To update the sound of your phone, simply go to one of the ringback tone providing sites, set up an account then download your favorites. Once you have selected your tones, you can even set up the songs to be played for specific callers, a certain time of day, by caller group and many other fun options. In addition to the pre-recorded ringback tones, you will also find sites such as Ventones that allow you to create your ringback tone, share the tone with others or even edit tones to suit your needs.

Ringback tones appear to be here to stay. Why not take a few minutes to get with the newest thing in communication technology? Ringbacks are fun and easy to use, so go find some that let other know what’s on your mind.


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