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Rediscover Reading with Kindle

Updated on July 8, 2010

Kindle means to ignite or set fire, does it do that in reading? In fact, Yes. The e-book reader KINDLE from Amazon makes reader rediscover reading, with many advantages for himself and for the society.

* If you are one of the books lovers then the increased number of books, is a clutter in your old house and hard to move to your new house. With Kindle, you can hold up to 1500 books in an extremely lightweight portable device.

* You can read your favored books in the garden, on the beach or anywhere, even in a bright sunlight. No need for that great number of books, that collect dust untill one day they will be read.

* On vacation, choosing the books you want to read and moving them is not an easy task, but with Kindle which is a wireless reading device  which needs no PC, you are able to choose from over 400'000 books (including 101 of New York Times best sellers) and get them in less than one minute. The same applies for newspaper and magazines.

* You download  e-books without annual contracts or monthly fees in over 100 countries. You will read any of them in the PDF format. You can search books for phrases and read the first chapters - if you like to - for free. If you want to reread a section or add your own view of any papers, it is like a breathe with Kindle.

* You can read books anywhere in the world or on the go with Kindle. With a built-in dictionary, access to wikipedia, and search, you need nothing else to read a book. If you don't like to read at a certain time, you can listen to Kindle reading a book for you.

* Good news for environment defenders, no more trees are cut to make the papers sufficient for all the books in Amazon, to be in paper packs.

* Those who benefit from Kindle are, the planet earth with more trees, individuals with less expensive reading, humanity with more knowledgeable people, and of course Amazon with less costs for paper e-books.

Kindle Accessories

With use of Kindle and feedback from customers, Amazon offered many optional accessories that improve its performance, or give more protection for the device, as well as more convenience and ease of use for the customer.

To purchase anything specially online you need to know the experience of the others who used the same item you tend to buy. Consequently, all the accessories are chosen to have the maximum number of individuals who are happy about using them.


When Kindle is not used in reading, how would it be protected and how would it look? This is why a cover is produced for.

The most popular cover is Amazon Leather cover which is an official book cover designed by Amazon for Amazon 6" Display, Latest Generation Kindle. A stylish genuine black leather, with patent-pending cover hinge. The interior is a soft charcoal grey seude to protect the screen from scratch.

Extended Warranty

It is like an insurance of 6" Display, Global Wireless, Last Generation that provides the following:
- Replacement of your Kindle for any device failure under ordinary use.
- Accidental coverage for mishaps like chops or spills.
- Within the U.S., both ways free shipping for your damaged and replacement Kindle.


It adds scratch protection and customization for your Kindle, with skins that cover the the front and back of Kindle in style. They are ultra thin (less than 2mm) design, with 3M Technology it assures easy, reposition application, and clean removal with no residue.

Power Adapters

It is a spare of the same adapters that ship in the boxes of both varieties of Kindle wireless device.
You simply plug the adapter into a wall outlet and connect to kindle's micro USB port for recharging. It works around the world with the help of a physical country adapter plug.

The power adapter's detachable USB cable can also be used to connect your Kindle to a computer or USB hub for either powering Kindle  through the computer or for transferring MP3 or Audible files onto your Kindle.

Reading Lights

A battery operated clamp-on accessory that is illuminate your kindle wireless device. It is  supplied with 2 Super LED lights. You have the option of using one or two lights. Through the flexible neck you can position your lighting anywhere you want it.

With the reading lights you can take the Kindle anywhere on the train or in bed and have the right illumination to your fingertips.


For the traveler or outdoor users, he needs some isolation from the surroundings which can be offered by a suitable headphone.


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