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Does iDoser Work?

Updated on October 6, 2010

Does iDoser Work?

That's the big question that everyone asks when they first hear of this program called iDoser. Supposedly, it can deliver drug-like experiences simply by having you listen to special audio files for a predetermined amount of time. Such a thing sounds like it couldn't possibly work, but by delving into the science of how iDoser functions, and reading about other people's experiences, you can get to the truth.

iDoser works on the principle of binaural beats. These are very similar sounds that are transmitted through headphones, but each at slightly different frequencies. In other words, one ear gets a sound at one frequency, and the other ear receives the same sound, but at a lower frequency. Listening to binaural beats for 10 to 60 minutes can produce mental sensations that approximate the feelings produced by mind-altering substances, but during the listening period, you must be completely focused on the audio.

It takes a lot of research to create sophisticated files that can induce experiences closely resembling drug feelings. That is why iDoser initially came out with only a few "doses", as a lot of money had to be put into development. But now that the business has grown so much over the past five years, they have doses for virtually anything you can imagine. It's quite remarkable, really.

Binaural Beats

How iDoser Works

As I talked about above, iDoser files use binaural beats to influence the mind.  The frequencies of the beats relate to the various frequencies of different types of brainwaves, including alpha, beta, theta, and delta waves.  The reason these beats work is because of a process known as the frequency following response.  This is when brain waves start to match the frequencies of the sounds you are listening to.  For example, if you are listening to a file that produces sounds in the alpha frequency, your brain waves will start to take on the alpha frequency.

By combining sounds of several different frequencies in the right pattern, the researchers at iDoser have been able to induce experiences in subjects that are like drugs.  And not all files are drug-related; some help you relax, achieve deeper meditation, reduce anxiety, or lose weight.  The pervasive functionality is quite remarkable, really.

Research into binaural beats goes far beyond just what this business has done.  Studies like this, that, and those have showed that humans do indeed respond to binaural beats and the frequency following response is real.  This science, combined with the testimony of iDoser users, starts to build real credibility for this program.

Real Life Testimonies

The iDoser program has been around for five years, and has been growing steadily since its inception.  That fact alone lends credibility to the program; the failure rate of online businesses is staggering, yet iDoser has done fairly well.  If it didn't work, why would people keep paying for doses? 

You can read a lot of testimonies on the Experiences page at iDoser, or on their forum.  There are more good testimonials than bad, but for some people, the doses do not work.  This could be because they are not concentrating on the audio well enough, or the doses just do not jive well with their particular brains.  Everybody is different, and the workers at iDoser acknowledge that there are some people for whom iDoser will not work for, or it will take extra time to get used to.  In any case, this is definitely something that is worth giving a shot.

Reasons to Try iDoser

So you know how iDoser works, but why should you try it for yourself?  Here are a list of reasons to give this unique program a chance.

1. Curiosity - I've never done heroin and I never will, and I hope you won't either.  But humans are naturally curious, and if you want to get a sense of what it feels like, maybe you would like to try the Heroin dose.  It can't hurt you and the effects are not as intense as the real thing, but you get a sense of what it is like.  Since there are doses for every kind of drug, this is a great way to satisfy curiosity.

2. Boredom - Everybody gets bored once in awhile, and since an iDoser file is usually around half an hour, this is a good way to kill some time and experience some really cool feelings.

3. Variety - No matter how you want to feel, there is a dose that can make you feel that way.  As I said, there are tons of files that have nothing to do with drugs.  There are spiritual, antianxiety, sleep, and energy doses (among others) for you to sample.

4. Affordability - Doses from the iDoser store are remarkably affordable, and nearly all of them are below four dollars.  There are two extremely powerful doses, including Hand of God iDoser, that are $200!  The very few people who have tried that have reported crazy experiences, but you don't need to do anything you don't want to (I know I wouldn't, simply because of the exorbitant price).

To see all of what iDoser has to offer, check out the iDoser Store.  At the very least, you will have a fun time checking out all the interesting things they have.

Video Explanation of iDoser


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    • Kaabi profile image

      Kaabi 6 years ago from Maryland

      The truth about iDoser is it works if you focus enough on it. It can be a great tool for meditation or a good way to alter consciousness without ingesting anything. Good stuff :)

    • profile image

      Damn 6 years ago

      Keith, you removed it.

    • profile image

      Keith Clark 7 years ago

      If you want to know the truth about Idoser watch my infamous YouTube video: