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Orange-Blackberry, what u need to know

Updated on March 13, 2010

Love my Blackberry.

Getting a new Blackberry from Orange.

Funny how when in the shop, they tell you anything is possible and that you are good to go!

The problem with shops is that they cover the finer details with the off-cuff quotes of anything else is covered in the terms and conditions. Is there a difference between contract and pay-as-you-go? Is there anything I as a user needs to do? 

You are happy, even delighted with your new purchase. It's Blackberry, the best, the most widely loved business pda/phone in the world. However, there are things behind the scenes that prevent the experience from being that 100% diamond class.

Here's some things to appreciate and prepare yourself for life with Blackberry and services from Orange PCS. Firstly, there is a huge difference between contract and pay-as-you go. On contract the monthly fee is charged on your account, on p.a.y.g. it's deducted on a 30-day revolving basis, miss having the money on the account prior to midnight of coming to the 30th day, the service will not collect the fee, and service cease. In some cases, the actual provisioning of the Blackberry service within the computer overlay of systems may place the interconnectivity into suspend. Which can cause delays of 24hours until normal service is resumed. Of course, the Orange piece in phone calls and texts continue working.

Next, the p.a.y.g. will NOT work for Blackberry services (Internet, MMS, email, PIN-msgs) outside of the United Kingdom. It is NOT supported, despite people on trips having successful connections in France, Belgium and Holland, then loose all. That was a beneficial temporary glitch.

If you buy p.a.y.g. Blackberry to be able to travel the world and keep in touch, it is only for phone calls and texting. Better believe it. The shop may not tell you outright, the documentation may not make it explicit - but that is the truth.

Now that you decide which to go for. The moment you walk out of the shop, the sale is being processed, records are being created and the capability of the contract is being defined by which product is active. The SIM will work right away, however the product that aligns the Blackberry services takes time to process and start. Contract or p.a.y.g. may take 24hrs to come online. If this is an upgrade action, the new service is effective from the next bill date, and if you don't have a temporary bridge in situ between the shop/telesales call until the bill date, again the Blackberry service will not activate. For p.a.y.g. you need to pay the $5.00 pounds and wait.

Next, whether contract or p.a.y.g. you need to go register yourself as a Blackberry user, by using the URL - - here you use the unique details from the phone itself, located in options/status/pin. Here the two items of need are the pin number and the imei number, use this to register. Create yourself a Blackberry userid and a Blackberry password. The advantage is this web page allows you to manage your Blackberry email services, to add, modify, delete and to re-verify an email service. Also, here can handle the extra services such as filters.

In using the Internet. The Blackberry will use multiple browsers, Blackberry for standard Internet and WiFi, but uses Orange for any WAP utilization. The Blackberry product on your account doesn't cover any charges for WAP, so if use such, there will be extra fees to be paid. Some accounts have the added cover of the 'free' Orange internet bundle worth 500Mb use, so that prevents these WAP charges. It is NOT guaranteed that Orange will permit you to have this without payment, since it is normally a revenue earner. Asking never hurt.

In using the email. Here Blackberry reigns supreme. Most adds are straight forwards and very easy to do, especially for AOL, HOTMAIL, GMAIL and Blackberry itself. Corporate emails need a little more information, besides the email address, the user-id if different, the password for the email account, and you need the name of the email server itself. 

Next. Orange runs two types of Blackberry services, that being BIS and BES. The latter needs to be a business account and usually attracts a very, very high premium. However there is a work-around to get Corporate email to work on BIS. Create your Blackberry email, then use the filter options to forward the corporate email to Blackberry one. It will act like a cover envelope, so when you reply, it goes out as from the original address.

Next. Not found online or in the teeny-weeny manual. Emails take space, they take up operational space from the phones memory. So when you delete emails, you really must complete the cycle and delete the 'deleted', as in purging. Same as you do on the computer systems at home or work. Goto messages, choose options, find email reconcile, highlight it, choose options again or use Blackberry menu button, see purge. Highlight each email address shown, and purge it. Your Blackberry phone will behave so much better.

Lastly. If you do call for technical support. Why not help yourself. Make sure you have a second line free for a call-back. A good amount of time. A pen and paper. If you call in with your Blackberry in hands free while driving about, do you really really expect a busy support analyst to waste their time calling you back - dudh.

Have fun. Do it right.


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