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Don't Get Lost, Use a GPS

Updated on October 3, 2014

GPS stands for the Global Positioning System. Using a satellite system, GPS is able to provide location and time information in all kinds of weather anywhere on the planet. GPS satellites are maintained by the US government.

They were originally developed by the US Department of Defense to help submarines get an accurate fix on their positions.The system was started in 1973 with twenty-four satellites.

In the early 1970’s, the US joined a number of other systems together to form Navstar.

In 1983 a Korean airplane was shot down having strayed into USSR airspace and as a result President Reagan issued a directive to allow GPS to be used for civilian use. At first the highest quality signal was still reserved for military use but in 2000, President Clinton ordered the system to be more precise for civilian use as well as the US military had the ability to deny service to potential adversaries.

Other Uses for GPS

There are many other uses for GPS other than for navigation. Using a GPS to find your way around your city or town is great but did you know you can also order pizza?

Whether you are in a new city or at home, finding the location of the nearest pizza restaurant is easy when you have a GPS. You can find all sorts of other places of interest from banks, hotels, parks and landmarks. You simply search by category using either the name of the place you want to locate or by simply going to the category title such as “restaurant” or “hotel”. Once you have found what you are looking for you can use your GPS to phone to find out if they are open or you can use it for driving directions to get to where you want to go.

Another benefit of having a GPS is that you can easily save the data so if you want to go back to that restaurant or hotel, you have already mapped it out in the unit.

Your GPS can also be used for emergencies. It will help the authorities look for you if you are lost or you get into an accident. Firefighters and police use GPS every day to get them to the scene of an emergency.

Going on a driving vacation? You can plan your vacation before you go to not only save time but gas. You’ll get to your destination without getting lost and more importantly you won’t be fighting with your spouse over directions!

I’m sure there are lots of other uses for your portable GPS but at least now you know if you get hungry you can find the nearest pizza place!

GPS and Your Golf Swing

As a golfer you might spend a lot of time trying to figure out your yardage by counting sprinkler heads.  But you don’t have to do that anymore.  How would you like to be able to figure out the front, middle and back numbers of any green and also know the exact distance to get away from any hazards?  All you need is a handheld golf GPS!

Golf GPS will give you accurate data and as well they are small and easy to use.  Knowing what you are up against will not only add confidence to your game but just might help lower your scores.  All the layout information regarding bunkers and water hazards can be clearly shown on the GPS.  

You can download your favorite courses whether they are the ones you play at home or for when you go on a golf holiday.  All you need to do is download the software for your favorite course and go out and play the game.  Most golf GPS will have thousands of courses available on their databases or if your favorite one is missing you can ask to have it add it to the database.

With your golf GPS you will be able to select your club based on the distance to the next hole. This should not only speed up your game but let you enjoy your time on the course.


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