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Don’t Just Promote Your Mobile App Influence Your Users to Download Your App

Updated on September 1, 2014

We are surrounded with mobile apps. Go to the app store and you will find apps for everything because everyone, be it a developer or a renowned mobile application development company, comes up with an interactive mobile app. Some do it to make money (of course the app stores have became a money making tree, provided your app is really that good), while some do it for their businesses. But have you ever thought that your mobile app can go way ahead of where it is at present?

According to most of the top Indian mobile app developers, there is a lot of difference between “promoting” and “influencing” people to download your app- a massive difference! Promoting your app to the users is not going to give you an award of “Massive Downloads”. Let’s face it- there is too much of competition on the app stores and people are already miles ahead of you. Now, promotion on the app stores largely means ADVERTISEMENTS. If you put your advertisements on the Internet, what are the chances that people will download or even notice your app? You are just leaving it on the users to choose!

Influence the Users and Steal the Deal

How about this- what if you can influence people to download your product instead of just promoting it? Yes, you need to influence the users even before they land on your app store page or microsite. You must convince people that your offerings are the best in value and quality that they can get.

Sounds aggressive, isn’t it? Now, how to get it done? Well, there are different ways of achieving it effectively. Below are some of the most effective ways of getting it rightly done-

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Content Marketing

Write a Blog-: You will find a lot of blogs puking bulks of information on apps. You don’t have to do that. Content marketing is not a thing to just jump on. A planned content marketing strategy is going to be a worth and effective one. You need to write something that grabs the attention of the users and is worth sharing.

Take out any current or controversial topic and give your take on it. We have seen a lot of top mobile app developers sharing their experiences in the form of blogs but fail because the blog doesn’t have any real meat in it. Everyone likes to read good and interesting things. Put the links of your article on your landing pages and witness the clicks on your blog. It works! The users who are looking for the products/services that you are providing value insights and hence, it increases your credibility. All you have to do is to keep on producing good content! Simple as that!

Contribute to other blogs/articles-: When you are writing for your blog, contribute some of your writing to others also. This will give you some of other platforms also to share your ideas, which in turn, fetch you more readers.

Building a solid reader base can be a time-taking process. You might not get that much of users who will show interest in your blogs and share it to greater masses. Having your write-ups on popular websites help you to gain more user traction. You will get more readers and hence, more comments and involvement of people.

Use SlideShare-: Presentations are an inevitable part of every content marketing strategy. SlideShare provides you another platform to create a strong thought leadership and grab attention. Leading mobile app development companies juice out full advantage by sharing valuable insights of their businesses and offerings.

You can put your experiences of your journey in the form of a presentation and put it on Slideshare. Just make sure that you are talking about something spectacular. Let your users get amazed with what you have to offer them.

Selective Social Media Marketing

Okay, everybody has heard about social media marketing, but what is Selective Social Media Marketing? It means you should select your target social networking websites wisely. Choose which websites to target first according to your area of expertise.

Youtube- Show them a 2 Minutes Video and it’s all done

How much time does it take to read a 1000 words blog? 15-20 minutes, if read thoroughly.

Now another question, who has that much time?

What if we say that you can easily convey the same message in just 2 minutes that too, in such a manner that people will be really interested to watch it. Yes, I am talking about Youtube videos. Just portray your ideas in the form of a video and post it on Youtube. People will be more than happy to read a 1000 word researched article.

Quora, the social networking site that is CLOSE TO OUR HEARTS

Be it a problem of work-life or love-life, Quora has got all the answers. This is why people spend so much of time on Quora. So, why don’t you be an answer to people’s issues? You can easily build your credibility of your app by responding to the queries on Quora. Over the years, being a leading mobile app development company, we have learnt that the possibilities are endless if you focus entirely on providing your customers quality and value instead of forcing them to buy you. So, the next time you hire a mobile app developer India, ask him whether he can spread it over Quora or not.

Utilize Social Media Channels effectively

Building a mobile app and not socializing it is like getting fever and hoping to get alright without taking proper medicines. Works in rare cases! Juice up the most out of social media as they provide a fantabulous platform to spread your voice to huge masses. The channels like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn provide a great tool to promote to as well as influence your users with quality content that everyone wants to read. You can create a large community by providing relevant content on regular basis.

Community Awareness

Apart from these awesome platforms, there are a lot of other communities which are just waiting to give relevant feedbacks to your app. You will find a lot of potential customers on these huge communities like TECHGIG, Beta List, Hacker News, and Product Hunt. All you have to do is to approach them with your offerings and it’s all done.



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