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Don't be a YAHOO and let a YAHOO HACKER, HACK YOU TOO!

Updated on July 7, 2013



OK, you're probably thinking at this point another victim, well you maybe half right. I do not consider myself a victim, but a victorious warrior ready to do battle with any hacker. Also, I attribute this fuel to bring awareness, 1. I am a staunch advocate for justice. 2. I am strongly against thieves of any kind and con-artist of any brand. 3. I hope I can aid just one person in being taken by these overseas hackers. Well here's my story and my warning, so buckle up! The Internet has became undeniably a booming phenomena. Some of us can barely function without our email account, social media site, or the convenience of online shopping, bill payment, etc.

With the great boom in technology we barely have a need for interface interaction. Most call centers and huge corporations such as At&t have also gotten totally rid of their human employees and reduced us to automated systems. Keep that capitalism alive baby, whoa! Any how, with this great advancement in technology there has also be a greater number in online deception. Where overseas and instate scam artists have had to track you down by phone number, now you're just a click away.

They go on social media sites, they go on online dating, they go everywhere you go. They are in their Internet cafes just waiting for someone to buy into their lies. They come in the form of spam, they pose as an overseas dire life threatening case. They need your immediate attention, they need your support, they need your help, they need your MONEY$$$$$! They may start off as your friend, but pretty soon friendship is not enough, they want to be your husband, wife, etc. They just need the funds to come to you, so that you can began your life together. ( Do not be fooled!)

We have seen reality television shows to the credit Catfish, where Internet hopefuls are hoping to find love through face book or other social media sites, but for one lie or reason or another they have failed to meet this other individual. It is not through a lack of trying, because the person on the other end (poser) has tried to avoid the truth and strings the other person along for emotion reasons, financial reason, etc. That's just one way some instate posers are getting love, money, and manipulation scamming in business.

They has been a few segments on Dateline on NBC about these online overseas posers that wish nothing, but to rob you blind. They make you think you are investing a little money to make a lot of money. Some of them create these stories and they hound you to send them the money, do not be fooled. Some have stooped to the level of creating fake banks to where you wire them money. One bank is the Bank of England, do not be fooled the posers will copy the logo to show its legitimacy, but often they make human error in making their homemade logo.

I may call them idiots out of anger, but they are not Joe smo's they are highly intelligent and greatly deceptive and cunning. They will be polite, caring, helpful, until they serve the gotcha gotcha to you. This is what I want you to avoid. Do not under any circumstances give out your social security number, date of birth, account information, passwords, or any personal information. Life lock is not a game, ask Mon tel Williams. Do not send them money or leak any of your account information.

Let me stop at this point to say if you feel that you have been hacked, you will do as I did with my yahoo account and attempt to call yahoo customer care. Guess what, hackers have created their own customer care number that surprisingly pops up on yahoo as legit. I will provide the false numbers and real number for yahoo customer care in the article. So, here is my encounter.

I am entering my password, it comes back incorrect. I am shocked, no biggie might have typed too fast and made and error. What, so I slow down and watch every key stroke, still wrong! Hmmm.. Try again and again, until I receive the message I have locked out of my account for 12 hours. Twelve hours later the same thing. I couldn't remember my keyword from 2009, still don't. So I decide to report it to yahoo.

I fill out the report and google, yahoo customer service phone number. Behold a number appears and it's a 1800 number (RED FLAG), so my fear subsides. Guy picks up, has a foreign accent, (suspect) he seems really nice and overly helpful. He asks the problem. He tells me to close my other browsers. He tells me to go to a site, like (RED FLAG!) So I do, and he tell me to go through some prompts he ask my date of birth, whether I make online purchases? (RED FLAG) I say no.

He makes my mouse move and types prompts to me such as, "Mam plz wait." I type, "ok". He shows me where he claims a foreign address has entered my computer and asks is my modem correct and says, "Give me two mins plz."He keeps asking if I use my credit card to make online purchases and at that point my red flag o-meter has popped off and I disconnect the phone and my compute, before his two minutes.

Then, my phone rings about two minutes later and I know it is my hacker, because when a foreign number calls a cell phone all the numbers are not present except for the last four numbers. I do not answer. I go back to google and look up a verifiable yahoo number. The first second of the call I recognize the annoying, yet familiar yahoo slogan and I'm relieved.

I did experience a long waiting for thirty minutes, but it was well worth the wait. I learned a lot and how I had dodged a bullet. He advised me to take my computer to a shop. He too was an almost victim of a hacker and he said he disabled his modem and stopped the guy midway. He was an angel and we bonded as he aided me in fixing my computer.

As I recovered my email, I was hurt as to the fact that the guy who did this to me was from Turkey. My great great great grandfather was a young Turkish immigrant. I had a mind to call him, but I'll leave well enough alone. Had to be a Turkish brother though, now if his last name was Alexander we need to talk. So, that's my story beware of hackers of all kind. They can be your Internet lover/fiancee, your yahoo poser helping you with your password he hacked, your new Internet friend that has cancer and in need of money for medicine, you honestly never know. You could end up on Dateline on NBC or Catfish on MTV or dead broke or dead, just depends on the mercy of your hacker. Beware of the YAHOOS posing as Yahoo and your next honey boo boo. Peace.

Moment of Silence and a shout out to the hackers on face book pretending to be celebrities. You are not Will or Jada or Angelina, good night!

Here is the false yahoo customer service number straight off the web,

<strong>yahoo</strong>.1-800-926-0374 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 1-800-926-0374 FREE<strong>customer</strong>-s...US Toll Free Customer Service Help. For Email Login/Password/Help/Issue.

The REAL yahoo customer service number is 8665627219. You will hear the yahoo slogan, "Yahoo!" when you call.‎

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Are you a yahoo?

How vulnerable are you to be hacked?

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It could happen to you, what do you think?

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    • brittvan22 profile image

      brittvan22 4 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      The ones I encountered were from Greece and they were on the, but they wanted your credit card information and to hack into your computer. Even the guy I talked to with yahoo said the same thing happened to him and he helped create the software. He was able to stop them midway through their hack job. Its very unfortunate yet very common these days. I would agree with you India produces quite a bit of intelligence individuals and are far more advanced than we would like to believe. Some still believe we as Americans are the most technologically advanced counties, but they negate Japan, China, India, Africa, etc. Thanks for commenting!

    • profile image

      chiragg 4 years ago

      Hi, the story is a little different from what written above . The number is for a tech support company which advertise through channels of google and yahoo & help resetting passwords or recover accounts by offering pai services and remote tools such as

      These are guys offering help for money, not hackers .

      There are a lot of companies in India doing this as Indians are smarter in information technology space .

    • brittvan22 profile image

      brittvan22 4 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      @always exploring glad you like it, you can never be too careful hackers come in all computer shapes and size.

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Richert 4 years ago from Southern Illinois

      Thank's for the head's up. You can't be too careful these days. Your hub makes me more aware. Thank you...and sharing..

    • brittvan22 profile image

      brittvan22 4 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      @ChitrangadaSharan, I agree we have to be as protective of ourselves from face to face criminals in the same manner as a cyber criminal. Glad I was of help, happy hubbing!

      @kashmir56, glad you enjoyed we must educate ourselves.

    • kashmir56 profile image

      Thomas Silvia 4 years ago from Massachusetts

      Great interesting and useful information, thanks for sharing it !

    • ChitrangadaSharan profile image

      Chitrangada Sharan 4 years ago from New Delhi, India

      This is a very useful and relevant hub in today's scenario. And you have raised some very important points, which should be of concern to every Internet user, irrespective of whatever precautions one may take.

      I do take all necessary precautions and follow the guidelines, but who knows it can happen to me as well.

      Thanks for sharing this useful and informative hub!

    • brittvan22 profile image

      brittvan22 4 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      I agree at this point. It is a hard battle glad to see you're not giving up, at this point bringing awareness is the biggest aid. The irony of my situation was the yahoo tech telling me that someone tried to hack him and he was apart of creating the software they were using and he pulled the modem immediately. I guess as long as there is opportunity there are going to be criminals. Your hacker sounds like they are within the borders, sadly.

    • brittvan22 profile image

      brittvan22 4 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      @truthfornow, that is very true, hacker busted my little bubble.

    • cynthtggt profile image

      Cynthia Taggart 4 years ago from New York, NY

      I have been fighting a hacker for over a year. The tech people say I should get my hard drive cleaned out. Truth be told though that no matter what I do they will be back. It doesn't help that I bought a computer that came with all its ports open, which is an outrage in itself; or that I have "home," "work" and "public" networks from which to choose that are all a disaster and don't keep everyone out; or that I removed the snap for wireless reception at the base of my hard drive. There are PC cards and Cards of all kinds that allow for remote access. If I were to count them, there are about over 75 ways to remotely access my computer. On top of that EVERY computer has embedded links that the government requires be put on every computer that allows them to access if they think you're a terrorist. It is these backdoor, I believe, that allows everyone else in - and the government knows it. That is my feeling. I don't use wireless or remote of any kind. I just want my email and an occasional Facebook comment or to post my articles on Hubpages. Hubpages has its own editors, but the hacker on my computer doesn't want me to post anything politically incorrect, so I surmise then that my hacker - at least to me - is not from overseas. I am part of a network with thousands of computers and it is that way by design. I don't have $1,000 to buy a MAC or Apple but I tell you that if I did they would find their way in. So I battle and battle and slowly I am winning the war. I shut as many ports as I can and I have a vault where I lock my files so they cannot be tampered. I create a parent "snap-in" so I am on my local connection, and I change the permissions within folders that I know have been tampered. But it never ends and never will.

    • truthfornow profile image

      truthfornow 4 years ago from New Orleans, LA

      This can happen to anyone these days. Just got to be aware.