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Don't be lazy and use different passwords for your important accounts

Updated on May 14, 2013

Today I was reading the shocking news of a massive password leak from one of Yahoo's services, specifically, around 450k email addresses and passwords where dumped from Yahoo Voices with a relatively simple hacking technique that almost anybody interested in computing could reproduce.

Seems like this is kind of leaks are getting "trendy", it is unbelievable that really big companies like Yahoo or Sony (a few months ago) could just store passwords in text plain in their databases or create a webpage vulnerable to SQLInjection, when any decent web developer would not commit such errors, or at least it is what I think, well sometimes anyone can commit errors but minor in comparison.

Please, use a real password

You should already heard it many times but when I see the statistics of the leaked passwords I can't stop worrying about how people can be so negligent with their personal information.The top password keeps being "123456", probably because, this service required 6 letters for the password :).

If you don't know how a good password, and easy to remember, should be please read this already famous comic. It will be a good idea to change your passwords in important accounts like email, blogging or buying sites.

If you can't keep up with many passwords, there are many free services where you can store passwords securely like lastPass or use a free program like KeePass.
I am using KeePass synced with dropbox so I can use my passwords everywhere, it also gives you the option to create secure and random password for new accounts or auto-type your login info in your service. It's a nice and free program!

What can I do if my I have an account on Yahoo Voices

  • First of all, change your password! To a strong one too!
  • Second, change all the password to any account on any online service that shared the email registered on Yahoo Voices
  • And finally try to stay away from bad or insecure services, try to use a password manager with a good password too
  • And the most important be cautious of everything and everyone.


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    • Eileen Hughes profile image

      Eileen Hughes 5 years ago from Northam Western Australia

      I was locked out of all my blogspot blogs and my gmail account last night and sort of freaked out. Eventually I went to my adsense and still had problems.

      After a bit of messing around I had to reset my password and all was ok. Google said I had had an unusual amount of traffic thats what caused the problems.

      When I got into my email account I had 160 emails from facebook. I am so fed up with facebook. I closed my account for six months and decided the day before yesterday to reopen it. Big mistake.

      I ended up going into Facebook and took out all permissions for contact, I just hope that will end all the contact.

    • TrahnTheMan profile image

      TrahnTheMan 5 years ago from Asia, Oceania & between

      I TOTALLY agree with this advice! Passwords do get broken! Be smart...