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Dont go on a date without the internet

Updated on October 10, 2011

Internet search

Before you go on your date this Friday have you tried to look up coupons for your local businesses? My parents anniversary was on September 19th and I helped my mom do just that and they saved over $600 and here's how.

My mom works for Mayo Health Systems and travels to Arizona and Florida once a month. So from that she has signed up for Delta Skymiles, Hilton Honors and Hertz car rental rewards. She was able to reserve a room in Rochester, MN for one night, which was an amazing suite where they were treated to champagne and chocolate desert including chocolate covered strawberries. She was also able to book a room in Minneapolis, MN for a night, that was also a junior suite. So their hotels were free which would have ended up costing them over $200 the first night and $250 for the second night.

Then the first night they decided to go to dinner at Chester's. They were not able to get a coupon for that but were able to share their dinner saving them the leftovers and $30. The second day they spent only gas going to the cities and visiting family then a fancy dinner out costing them $50.

We were able to go on the new website for a great deal on a wine tour in Red Wing, MN which included the tour, 2 wine glasses and a fire cooked pizza. This coupon for 2 people cost only $23.

So all in all with the entire weekend they spent almost $200 but saved a total of $500. The only thing that they could have also done but didn't was rent a car from Hertz but with the vehicles they have in the Midwest it wasn't worth it. So she is saving it for when she is going to one of her warmer states to rent one with my dad and have some fun then.

So next time you are going to go on a date, before you plan the whole thing go out and do a little bit of research, sign up for these free reward programs and see what kind of savings that you can get. Because in this economy every relationship needs a spa day and every couple needs some cheap fun.


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