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Don't invest in LinkBee

Updated on August 12, 2011

What is LinkBee?

Linkbee is a URL shortening service where you can supposedly make some extra money. In case you didn't know, a URL shortener shortens a website URL so it can fit on places like Twitter (that was where the demand for URL shorteners started since you can't fit much into Twitter.) This is not to say that people never did receive a payout from LinkBee, I believe that many of its users have before.

I am only speaking from my own bad experience. When I say 'don't invest in LinkBee' all I mean is don't assume you'll make any money off of it. Based on research I've done, LinkBee had a fine reputation in the past but it has since gone down hill.

When I check my stats for my collection of shortened links on the website, I can tell they definitely take short cuts. Clearly, not every visit is a paid visit as you'll see by the screen shot I took when I logged in (I cut out the links that were shortened because that is not relevant.)

I've sent three different emails asking them why they suddenly cut off pay for clicks on the links. They did not respond to me at all. If you just want a URL shortener, LinkBee should work fine. I don't even think that is worth it because of how they treat (some?) of their customers.

I posted the commercial for LinkBee if you're curious.

You could go to their website if you wanted to but I won't even put the URL for it on this hub - no point in giving them a back link. Those dead beat bastards should pay for their lack of responsibility. The least they could do is tell us they can't or won't pay out anymore.


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    • Minnetonka Twin profile image

      Linda Rogers 6 years ago from Minnesota

      I very much appreciate your information on this link. It is so helpful when people write about their experiences with differen't sites that others don't know about or are thinking of joining. Thanks:)