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Door of web development opened

Updated on October 4, 2017
prakhar tiwari profile image

Prakhar is an web developer and currently working in a company since july 2016

Any one confused for starting their career to open which door

Most important phase in a career appears when a fresher is introduced to a technology where a person is unknown of the path which is awaiting ahead . My first day with technology opened door for the web room were I was introduced with so many advantages of this technology , there were no other option other than getting along with it . All we do with our mobiles and browser was so attractive and fun that I never ever thought how it works but the day I was introduced opened me within with a list of questions , still I am finding all the answers that appears in my mind . Web technology has very advantageous language for its development and the name it got is Javascript the most interesting language you will ever know . Javascript is a structure that is formed with functional programming . You can make functions with your name even you can name functions with your favourite one's .

The day when you start understanding how network works there will be no other technology you would ever love , i believe if a person dives into the ocean of network you will always swim in that interesting ocean . The day I found how servers and client machine talks was the best conversation method ever i have heard of . Servers talks to client machine with all specified measures with total security and replies so fast that even an blink of eyelid is slow . Once a client gets reply from servers it acts accordingly and the view of its functionality is beautiful that it always makes developers day .

Now when I sit for developing any code or structure related to web I simply stick to a general concept that browser is my friend and will perform as I will ask . Browser is so friendly that it never exceeds their limits , as you say or ask they will work accordingly . A machine always wants that friendship should be from both sides , no developer should exceeds or ask them to go beyond their limits like if a performance issue occurs then it is definitely due to some wrong commands asked , so it again works accordingly and stops working which I found machine is also asking good parameters .

I started getting familiar with this technology where I found this is the best place to show artistic skills and creativity . Designing and efficient websites building is the work which is not so easy but once you get along it is the best way to do and perform to satisfy inner-self . Developing websites , blog and portfolios is the creative work and easily accessible to all . Use of javascript and html becomes major role player in this type of work .

I understand html as a bread , css is toppings, cheese and javascript is baking in this process of getting a pizza(website) ready . So each sections have their own specific role no one can be left behind . Now server based languages like PHP , Python are service which helps this pizza to be delivered . These all services can be easily related to our daily lives and it's fun if you understand it and can relate to normal life process .Web services require all this components to get ready proper structure were everyone can connect and see different new features .I was so happy to be part of this technology were I felt free to think and solve problems which were general and indirectly related to me .

If anyone is new to this land of technology and looking for option or is confused in considering options then I am assuring get into this region open the door of web technology , it contains many excitement and fun , you will always thank me even in your thoughts try and get into this room , no other love would be pulling you other than web development .So gear up yourself and get into , do not think about future once you get along with it you will have a bright and sparkling future I assure you, you will do good .The day this door was opened I can still feel that day and now when I myself is a part of this room I feel very calm and happy .

© 2017 Prakhar Tiwari


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    • profile image

      Jyotirmoye Das 

      13 months ago

      Words of Sensibility !

      Loved the examples of food

    • profile image


      13 months ago

      Well said... I think it is not just work or assignment for you when it comes to JavaScript ... you truly enjoy the creativity of it....

    • profile image

      Abhinav Dixit 

      13 months ago

      Great work. !!

    • profile image


      13 months ago

      Great job ;)

    • profile image


      13 months ago

      Awesome sir


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