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DotHop Search Gaining Popularity One Image At A Time

Updated on August 4, 2016

DotHop Picture Based Search Growth

Today’s world, a society of mobile connected people, yesterdays PC user community has been replaced with the smartphone and tablet driven culture of today’s business world. From booking a travel itinerary to finding that must have new furniture piece; the internet has become the gold standard of information flow.

Completely different than conventional text based search engines, DotHop’s breakthrough search technology is redefining internet search as it is known today. Completely different than conventional search engines, DotHop’s breakthrough picture based search technology is redefining internet search as it is known today.

From students to business executives’ searching on the go has evolved into a necessity with mobile search growing to 60% of all searches performed daily. With its breakthrough picture search technology DotHop is fast becoming the “go to” search engine for the tablet, smartphone and touchscreen user.

DotHop has a very unique patented technology which produces a unique query result drastically different yet very effective. It is a graphical result presentation versus the conventional text results that traditional search engines offer. 85% of consumers polled in a test survey prefer “seeing image based results versus pages of text”

DotHop’s photographic results presentation is gaining consumer market share in terms of search preference at a faster rate than any other search engine technology released to the public over the last 10 years. Notice market share of the top 3 search engines are quickly becoming one. Reason being without a competitive advantage, all looking and acting the same there is no reason for anyone to switch the current search engine they already use.

DotHop Search Patented Layout

Dothop's Unique Interface
Dothop's Unique Interface | Source


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