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Download Movies from NaviX Kodi onto your ipad

Updated on January 11, 2016

Download NaviX watch without internet connection

Download Movies TV Series on your Jailbroken Ipad, Iphone or Ipod with Kodi- NaviX...

after completed download you can view in my downloads/ NaviX without internet connection.... Its pretty cool....

I was packing for my trip to the beautiful Caribbean when it occurred to me that the airline I was flying with did not have WIFI and I was excited so I could not sleep, I thought to myself.... How would I watch movies on my ipad without internet? "FREE" using my jailbroken ipad, this is when I started playing around with Kodi looking for ways to download. I searched you tube for videos relating to the topic, but didn't find any, that is why I created a video to show you exactly how I did it.. below is a step by step tutorial..

At times Kodi has a lot of dead links but there are also a lot of good ones too!! There are so many different options on Kodi I have yet to learn but enjoy what I do know till this day. On Kodi Genesis is one of my favorites and a must have, they always have great movies and good links and if the link is dead they some how fix it in less than a week. If you do not have Kodi on your computer look it up and download it. It has everything "I MEAN EVERYTHING" you want to watch. If you do not have a jailbroken ipad, iphone or ipod use your laptop or your desktop. In my opinion its worth a shot, give it a try. You will experience one of two things, a lot of appreciation or disappointment depending on who you are... well lets get to it.....

1. Open Kodi app

2. Open NaviX

3. Click Navi-X Start Here

4. 2 options you can click search and look for the movie or TV series you are looking for or you can click Most-viewed 24h... and select a movie in there from available links, please make sure the link works prior to downloading file.

5. If the link works press stop, it will take you back to previous screen and the link you selected should still be highlighted... put you finger firmly on link as if you were to copy something, release and download menu will pop up

6. Click download, click download again and press ok.. the file will start downloading

7. After downloading it should be in the completed section under downloads, click my Kodi select file and "ENJOY" No WIFI needed for completed downloads..

Hope you enjoyed this post.....

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A lot of you might say it is illegal. Kodi is not illegal, it is a media center software, they do not support piracy, clearly in my video I selected the wrong video as this is illegal, there are many 3rd party addons that allow users to stream pirated movies. The Kodi team is actively pursuing infringing addons. My apologies this video was suppose to be a helpful video and I do not support piracy.

Below you will find a screeshot of my downloaded content, none of which are pirated movies. Kodi is trying to obtain a Trademark so they can go after these piracy promoters, I hope they catch you bastards. I did some research and if you would like to know more about Kodi please visit:

Here is a screen shot of my Downloads clearly not a piracy supporter! To be honest, I do not know what made me write about this topic.. I no longer watch movies as I am on a spiritual path... my next hub pages will explain what made me decide to go on this journey and how I figured out what is most important in this life....

Download Movies from NaviX onto your iPad

© 2016 Karen N


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