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Downsides Of Electronics Today

Updated on December 22, 2016


There are three different types of electronics that I will focus on in this blog. They are computers, cell phones, tablets and computers. These four have most definitely taken over our society and lives. Think about how much we use them. I remember the days when I use to pass notes in class. Then the cell phones came along and the note passing changed to texting. When you really think about it, what all do we use cell phones for? We use them for calling, texting, internet, work and much more. It is becoming endless on what we can use them for. When my girlfriend and I go out on a date we see kids playing games on their cell phones. We also see full families looking on their cell phones. That being said, nobody is talking to each other or conversing. That to me is truly sad. I will never let my family do that. You only have family for so long. Nothing is forever in this world. This may strictly be my opinion, but I am sure that this blog will be read by people that agree on this matter.

At the end of the day cell phones are not the only thing ruining relationships of families, friends and love in relationships. Tablets also participate in the issue. A tablet is a little bigger then a phone, yet you may not be able to call on some or most of them. However, it is just another way to escape reality and ignore issues at hand. When it comes to a fight in a relationship no matter what type of relationship it is. Then someone jumps on their tablet and ignores you, what are you going to think? Well obviously that person does not care about the certain issues you are speaking of. Therefore, they are going to ignore you and look on their tablet hoping you will stop talking and walk away. This is why I say electronics will ruin relationships in the end. It is just a way to escape the truth.

Let alone computers and Television are no better. Do not get me wrong, I love watching movies and I use my computer on a day to day basis. However, I do limit my usage and do not over do any of it. It would ruin the relationship I am in today if I was always on my computer or phone. However, I have to use both mainly for business. These four electronics can be used for both good and bad. Good being, making money and making a decent living. Bad meaning, if used too much or when with your significant other it will make them feel unwanted. Same with being around family. Relationships are important in life and they will open doors for you. Even when you least expect it. What I am trying to say is that we cannot let electronics control our lives in any way. They should only be used when we need to use them. Not when we feel like we want to. It is just a way to escape this life.

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