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Dragon dictation app

Updated on June 12, 2012

Using the dragon dictation app

This entire hub was written by dragon dictation. So what is Dragon dictation anyways? It is a voice to text application made by by Nuance communications that allows dictation for your iPhone or Android device. The program is very quick and fairly accurate when it comes to dictating. The user can then text, e-mail, tweet or even update their Facebook status from the application itself. When start using this app you hit the recording button then speak your message then click done. Almost instantly your text message is displayed for you to copy or send an e-mail etc. I only have experience with the IPhone version and have not used the Android Dragon app. I can only assume they are similar in quality however I cannot say for sure. If you want to try dragon dictation just go to the app store, the other great thing about this app is that it is FREE.

Advantages of dragon dictation:

Did I mention this app is free?

Faster than typing, according to their website it is 5 times faster. If you type like I do then we are talking more like 10 times.

Like having a cheap secretary.


Multiple functions like sending your message via e-mail, text, update Facebook, tweet etc.


Difficult if you are dictating something lengthy.

No punctuation

Have to go back and edit missed words.

Cannot have any background noise.

Despite some of the pitfalls with dragon dictation I would give it a positive rating. It works very well for short messages and I like the added convenience of seamlessly sending your information easily. I have heard that SIRI does this even better than the dragon app, however for those of us that have the IPhone 4 or have an Android this will have to do. Despite a few quirks I put this hub together in about 20 minutes including a bit of editing time.


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