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Drones: Are They A Safe Hobby?

Updated on February 13, 2015
DJI Phantom 2
DJI Phantom 2

Drones, also known as Quadcopters, Multi-Rotors, or UAV (Unmanned Aircraft Vehicles), were one of the most popular gifts this past holiday season. These high tech toys are known to carry cameras like GoPro's and get some of the most beautiful or risky shots. Each drone has a set of propellers (usually 4,6, or 8) which can soar these toys through the air at high speeds and sometimes as high as 3000 feet. The question is, are drones safe for anyone to fly?

There are a handful of companies such as DJI, and Parrot, that are manufacturing drones and the demand is getting higher. They usually come equipped with a GoPro camera mount or you can buy the mount separately. The combination of a drone and a camera makes for an awesome video but what are the boundaries?

According to the FAA, Drone pilots must:

  • Always avoid flying the drone within 5 miles of any airport
  • Always keep the drone below 400 feet
  • Always keep the drone in plain sight
  • Always avoid people and stadiums

But what about privacy? I would assume that flying drones above private property is not allowed but what do you think? What makes it any worse than a plane flying over or satellite imagery such as google maps? That is still up in the air (literally). Rumor has it that the big guys are putting laws into place but we will see how that goes when it happens.

Drones, in my opinion are safe to fly as long as you use common sense.

My own set of rules are:

  • Don't invade anyones privacy or property
  • Keep the drone below 400 feet
  • Stay far from airports
  • Always keep the drone in sight
  • Stay off Government property
  • follow all FAA rules


(an example of a safe flight, aerial photography, and the beauty of Planet Earth)

My video was filmed with the DJI Phantom 1 and a GoPro Hero3+ Silver. (Amazon Links Below)

DJI Phantom Amazon Price

GoPro Hero3+ Silver Amazon Price


However there are always people that are quick to ruin it for others and that goes for this guy who could of seriously injured someone in downtown New York. (Video Below)

The truth is if you put a gun or a knife or even a chainsaw in the hands of someone stupid the chances are something stupid is going to happen. Same thing applies with a drone.

Almost every day you here a new story about some idiot and their drone. Recently the news has hit about a drone crash landing on the White House lawn. A week before that was a drone smuggling drugs over the Mexico border.

People are making it hard for others like myself to be able to use drones for commercial use such as Aerial Photography for real estate, events, and sports.

So for the real hobby goers and quadcopter enthusiast, lets just be safe and have fun!

Check out these pictures of drones and aerial photography.

Aerial Picture Captured By Drone
Aerial Picture Captured By Drone

Thanks for reading. Please like and share!!!!

Should drones be illegal?

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