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Dropmark Review - All The Things You Can Use Dropmark For

Updated on June 18, 2012
Dropmark Homepage
Dropmark Homepage

What Is Dropmark?

Dropmark is a new web application that allows you to easily drag and drop almost anything from your desktop, or web browser, and upload it to a cloud (online server). Dropmark also allows you to share files you have uploaded with anyone for easy collaboration. With Dropmark, you can upload links and text snippets from your browser as well as files from your desktop.

Dropmark is impressive because of the variety of links it recognises and displays. If you want to save a YouTube video you can drag and drop the link into the Dropmark cloud. Dropmark will automatically recognise the link as coming from YouTube and will display it as a video. You can then view the video from your Dropmark interface, without visiting YouTube.

Dropmark recognises and displays content from Google Maps, YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, Instagram, Soundcloud and more.

Dropmark Versus Dropbox

Most people have heard of and used Dropbox and after reading some information about Dropmark are probably wondering what the differences are between the two.

Dropmark is relatively new to the market and is all about easily sharing content, whereas Dropbox has some sharing capabilities but is mostly concerned with storing your data, as a backup. There is some overlap between the services but Dropmark is easier to use and is less confusing, in my opinion.

Dropbox gives more storage for free than Dropmark but if you need 25GB of storage then Dropmark is better, as Dropbox doesn't offer this level. However, if you need more than 25GB of storage then Dropbox is the better option.

From your desktop, Dropmark will recognise a staggering amount of files. I have uploaded Word and Excel documents, .txt files, image files, PDFs, HTML files, MP3 files and many video files. Not only does Dropmark recognises all those file types it also allows you to view or listen to them from the Dropmark interface. Even if Dropmark doesn’t recognise a file type it will allow you to store the file, allowing you to have a backup.

Dropmark was designed with sharing in mind. Sharing your Collections with people is quick and easy. Collections is the name Dropmark assigns to folders. You can keep your Collections private or you can share them with friends by adding their emails to the ‘Shared with’ list.

You can also make your Collections public and share them with a special short URL Dropmark gives you. This can be really handy if you want to share all your holiday pictures on Facebook.

One of my favourite things about Dropmark is it’s minimalistic design and easy to use interface. You never feel confused or lost when navigating. Dropmark is intuitively designed and beautiful.

Dropmark is a great tool for organising, viewing and sharing a staggering variety of web content and file types.

What Can Dropmark Do For You?

Create and Share Presentations

Dropmark makes presentations easy. Say goodbye to clunky and confusing Powerpoint and create simple, clean and easy web presentations. With Dropmark you can include images, videos, websites, maps and more to your presentations. You can run presentations in full screen and share them with friends or make them public.

Create and Share Playlists

Drag and drop songs and videos to make awesome playlists. You can add videos from YouTube and Vimeo. Of course, you can also add songs and videos from your desktop. YouTube and Vimeo already have their own playlist features but with Dropmark you can mix and match videos from YouTube, Vimeo and your computer.

Organise Files & Share

You can organise files such as images from your latest holiday into collections and share them with your friends, or the world, in just a few mouse clicks.

Collaborate With Clients or Colleagues

Dropmark allows you to do away with back and forth emails and email attachments. If you’re a Web Designer or a Graphic Designer you can use DropMark to easily show clients or colleagues your work. Upload images, links, videos and whatever else you need to share. This means you can save time and no longer need to skip back and forth with emails.

Dropmark Subscriptions?

Dropmark has two subscription levels. If you want to store less than 250 Megabytes of data then this is free. This will allow you to store as many items as possible for less than 250MB. If you want to add more then you can delete something and replace it with the new item you wish to share.

If you need to store more than this amount, at any one time, then the next subscription level is for 25 Gigabytes of storage at $48 for the year. This would average out to $4 a month but you have to pay for the year upfront and are unable to spread the cost over a year. However, if you are a business, or do a lot of sharing on the internet, then this can really come in handy.

Does Dropmark Have Browser Extensions?

Dropmark has extensions for Chrome, Firefox and Safari. These extensions add a sidebar which allow you to browse all of your Collections and add content to your Collections with the ease of dragging and dropping. For Internet Explorer, Dropmark has a bookmarklet that does the same thing.

If you are browsing YouTube and want to add a video it is as simple as clicking the Dropmark icon and dragging the video into the Collection.

What Would Make Dropmark Better?

As a web application Dropmark is amazing. Unfortunately, you can only use Dropmark online so you do not have offline access to your Collections. I do not think Dropmark is looking to compete with Dropbox. However, If Dropmark created an app to allow access to your Collections offline they may just take Dropbox’s crown.

Dropmark Video Guide by Lifehacker

Final Say on Dropmark

Dropmark is simply amazing and I predict in the next few months it will become big. Right now Dropmark has not hit the mainstream but with all it’s features and it’s beautiful design, it is only a matter of time.


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      6 years ago

      I need to check this new site out!! Voted up and sharing!


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