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Dropbox - Gain FREE Extra Space beyond 2GB on SignUp!

Updated on September 24, 2010

Doing it with Dropbox!

Dropbox is a leading edge piece of software designed to keep various files including documents, pictures and movies in sync between your computer and on your online Dropbox account. It is a great resource for all users with internet access from Personal Computers and Mac OS X workstations and 'works' for you. Signing up is free, easy and will only take a couple of minutes of your day.

Below (in the comments section) will be various referral links links from current Dropbox users who have posted their own links in the Comments section of the hub. Please note that out of fairness, only 10 of these (excluding my own) will be displayed at any one time!

THIS IS A FIRST IN, BEST DRESSED SCENARIO! So be sure to get in on the comments with your links quick! ;) (NB: comments will be hidden on this hub until they are approved.)

So, Why am I doing this?

The reason is to promote a win-win situation between visitors to this page as well as those who post comments below.

  • Visitors: By clicking on one of the referral links below, and creating an account on the Dropbox Referral Page, you will receive 2GB + 250MB of free storage (totalling 2.25GB) on your Dropbox account! By simply signing up on the main Dropbox Homepage, you will only receive 2GB of storage on Dropbox.
  • Commenters: By adding your referral link to this page, you open yourselves to the possibility of an extra 250 MB added storage space to your account as well! As soon as one installs Dropbox after signing up using your link, BINGO!

As stated above, only ten (10) comments with referral links will be displayed at any given time. Please note that comments containing any text other than the link will not appear on this page and will be unranked in the waiting list. Please ensure you enter a name in the name field and you may specify a URL (NOT your dropbox referral link) should you wish to do so. Please note that comments with URLs will rank lower in the waiting list/displayed comments so please decide carefully. I recommend that fellow hubpage users 'log out' and post outside of your account should one wish to improve their rank.

Comments will be 'swapped' on a regular basis, with 'waiting list' comments becoming available on a regular basis. So even if you already see 10 comments below, be sure to add yours, for it is only a matter of time before YOURS will come to the forefront! You may add your link to this page more than once should you wish to attract more referrals provided that this does not take place more than once in every six months. Please note that, depending on the status of my waiting list, repeated posts of the same refferal link may not be accepted.

I will be closely monitoring visitors' activity here.

If you do not yet own a dropbox account, create one now! Just be sure to click on one of the links below in the comment section and you will, as mentioned above, be allocated 250MB Free extra space!

I personally recommend this method and feel that it will benefit many users in the long run. Please spread the word about this page to your friends and family and others who do not yet have a Dropbox account. I will do my best to make this fair for everyone. Should any questions or concerns arise, always feel free to drop me a line by contacting me.

Best of luck to all new and returning visitors!



EDITED (Added 20-Sep-10):

(I have recently received a number of comments containing additional text to Dropbox links. Remember: Comments with additional text (other than links) will not be displayed. Please leave only your name and Dropbox referral link (only in the comment text field, NOT the URL field!), as shown in previously approved comments displayed below. Those who have incorrectly posted their comments within the last two days (preceding 20 September 2010 only), I will give you another opportunity to share your referral so please feel free to repost your link!)

Referral Links (Earn 250MB EXTRA when signing up via the following links):

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