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Dubit Informer - Paying Young People for their Opinions

Updated on May 23, 2013

Spending Time at the Computer could be an Earner

What is Dubit Informer?

There are many websites originating from around the globe offering cash rewards in return for completing surveys and giving opinions. In recent years there has been much talk regarding these companies and their level of trustworthiness and whether or not they are worth signing up to.

For several years I have been a member of a number of this websites offering cash in return for completing surveys. Some have been good and some bad. I joined Dubit Informer in 2010 after I was looking for several websites offering the chance to complete market research in return for rewards. England-based Dubit Informer seemed slightly different to the rest of the companies out there in that it was aimed specifically at 'young people' or parents of young children.

Getting the Opinions of the Young Ones

On first using the website, 'Informer' as it is referred to by the company seemed to operate in largely the same way as other survey sites, a sign up required including name, date of birth and email address. The email address given at this point is the one that Informer use to send out survey invites. On first logging in I was required to complete a profile survey which asked about my general habits and day to day life, was I in full time education, what music I enjoyed listening to and how often I watched films were some of the questions given.

The profile surveys help Informer to match up users with suitable survey topics, this not only helps to ensure that researchers are targeting the right audience but it also ensures that there is some enjoyment for the user when completing these surveys.

The topics of the surveys vary but more often than not, are linked to a particular brand or item. Surveys for food and drink are quite popular and for those over the age of 18, it is quite likely that an alcoholic drink survey will be available at some point to complete.

Other surveys are concerned with shopping or spending habits and are aimed at getting a better idea of how young spend their money.

Are There any Downsides?

The amount at which users can 'cash out' their earnings is set at £25. This is quite high compared to other survey providers and takes a long time to reach. In fact, I have been a member of the site for around 3 years and I still haven't reached the £25 mark.

Invitations to complete surveys seems less frequent when compared to other survey websites. This in turn makes it even harder to reach that £25 goal.

The surveys are quite long and can take a while to complete but in fairness to Informer, the rewards for completing each one are fairly competitive at around £1 per survey.

The Dubit Informer Future

Dubit Informer appeared to go through a very quite period a couple of years ago with intvites to complete surveys becoming few and far between. It wasn't uncommon not to hear from the survey group for over a month. This now seems to be changing and invites to surveys are being sent on a much regular basis.

In May of 2013, users of the Informer website were sent an email informing them that there would be some changes being made to the current format over the coming months. One of the biggest changes to hit the site will be the introduction of prize draws.

Currently, when a participant is screened out of a survey due to their unsuitability to partake they receive no reward for the time that they spent answering initial questions. Later in 2013 users will see that being screened out will earn them a prize draw entry.

Dubit Informer, is it Worth it?

In essence, the Informer website will never be very lucrative. The cash rewards are slow to build up and surveys are delivered infrequently. However, the site is easy to use and usually contains interesting topics that appeal to the younger market.


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