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Dungeon Trackers (Android App Review)

Updated on April 24, 2016


The world is peaceful until a great earthquake releases the Demon King Satan and his army of demons to the upper world. The Grand Summoner stood against this evil, but was defeated. You are one of the student summoners who must now oppose this evil.


Game Style

Fights occur on a six space grid with three characters placed in the back and two characters in the front. The front centre spot is used for a guest character who alway joins at the start of battle. Aside from the back characters being attacked less often then those placed in the front, there is no strategic placement.

Cards are assigned one of four elements: fire, water, earth, light, and dark which each have a weakness and strength against opposing elements. Monsters on each map often consist of two element types so using cards that are strong to the map elements can give you an advantage, but I found that it makes little difference. If your monsters are stronger then the ones on the map, you are guaranteed to win.

Fights are turn based and require all of the characters on your side to attack or defend until no moves are left. This game makes use of the touchscreen capabilities by having players tap the character icons to attack, swipe down to defend, and swipe up to unleash special moves. The special skills become available in battle as characters gain mana from attacking or being attacked in the fight. These skills do a lot more damage than the average attack and it can be to the advantage of weak characters to defend and build up manna for these attacks. It's a very simple system, maybe too simple at times. While an auto attack is available during replay, I do find it frustrating that you always have to tap to attack for each new place.


Collecting Cards

New cards are summoned with honour points and rubies. Honour points are earned in game by inviting guest characters to the team, participating in PVP battle, or through friend gifts. Rubies are earned each time a map is completed (this includes on different difficulties). Rubies can be bought with real money. Cards can also be obtained as loot dropped by defeated enemies, but these only include monsters and special cards required for ranking up.

Availability of Cards

Normal cards up to rank 3 can can be summoned using honour points. It takes a good few hours to earn these points because you need 200 points and you collect 5 from each battle. Rare summoning using the rubies offers from rank 3 to 6 and requires 60 rubies. You earn 10 rubies from each dungeon completed and each dungeon has 4 stages so depending on how you see it it is just as accessible or just as time consuming as the normal summon.

Variety of Cards

There are over 380 unique cards within the game.

These cards are split into the five elements of fire, water, earth, light, and dark.

Cards have combat specialties including attack, defence, support, and healer that determine their skill sets.

Cards are ranked from 1 to 6 stars.


Card Leveling


Each card has a fixed number of stars that it can evolve up to. A card may be obtained at maximum or a lower star rank during draw. To increase a card's star rank it must be brought to the highest level either by gaining experience through battle or by consuming other cards in enhancement.

Once at the highest level, it requires element specific special creatures and a small amount of in game currency to evolve. The special creatures need to evolve are obtained as loot from dungeons. They can be a problem to get because they have a low drop rate. You have to beat the same dungeons on a higher level to increase the chance of obtaining them. Higher level special creatures are only found in higher level dungeons. They can be difficult to obtain.


The cards can also be equipped with a weapon and shield to increase their natural stats. Equipment is also ranked from 1 to 6 stars, but cannot be levelled up. Basic equipment is dropped as loot, while higher ranked stuff is gained as rewards or in summoning with rubies.



The world has dungeons themed on the elements of the cards, but I noticed that the first few levels seem to contain monsters that are mostly fire based. Each place on the map contains four levels. Each place also has three modes of difficulty which are unlocked after the lower level play through is completed. These higher difficulty repeats guarantee better item drops.

These higher playing modes assist with levelling the cards in the player's deck while decreasing the chance of being stuck on a level with no more game material, but these repeated levels can still feel highly repetitive. The game tries to counter this by placing small plot progression scenes at every level as the main character meets a mysterious girl.


I found gameplay to be repetitive and while it was possible to get cool high level cards, it was frustrating to train these to their full potential. The story line was also quite slow so it did not effectively keep my attention. It may be a game better suited to younger players. On the plus side, the characters appear as cute avatars, you can recruit monsters for your party, and there is always a new dungeon available to help level up.

Tell me in the comments bellow if you agree or have other opinions.


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