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Duplicate Photo Cleaner Review: Manage Duplicate and Similar Photos with Ease

Updated on March 18, 2016

Duplicate Photo Cleaner Rating

5 stars for Duplicate Photo Cleaner

Why You Should Use an Image Similarity Finder

Every single computer has duplicate images. You have them, I have them, your tech support guy at work has them. Most people do nothing about these duplicate photos and sooner or later they start stumbling upon them all over their computer.

Imagine showing photos from your recent trip to your friends and family. They'll get bored within minutes by all those multiple shots of the same place (I know you were trying to get it right, but you should have deleted the duplicates before you started showing your photos to others).

An image similarity finder like Duplicate Photo Cleaner will help you find and delete duplicate photos, as well as shots of the same subject, in just a couple of clicks.

What Can Duplicate Photo Cleaner Do?

Duplicate Photo Cleaner is a program for Windows and Mac that can find both identical photos (duplicates) and similar images. This means that you can use Duplicate Photo Cleaner as the only tool you need to organize your albums. The process is very simple - you add some folders to scan for duplicate and similar photos, Duplicate Photo Cleaner does its job and then you preview the results and delete or move the duplicates.

What Is the Difference Between Duplicate and Similar Photos?

This is a question most people who've never used an image similarity finder ask. Let's see how duplicate photos are different from similar photos.

Duplicate Photos
Similar Photos
Basically, they are the same image that's been copied to different locations
They are 2 or more different images that look similar
Look the same
Look the same or almost the same
Are in the same format
Can be in different formats (JPG, PNG, RAW, etc.)
Are the same size
Can be different in size (resized photos)
Have the same modification date
Can have different modification dates
Were shot with the same setting
Were shot with different exposure, focus, apperture, etc.

I guess now you see why you need a program that can find both exact duplicate photos and similar shots if you want to have an organized photo library.

Duplicate Photo Cleaner Features

Duplicate Photo Cleaner has all the features you need to find duplicates and manage similar photos. Let's have a look at it's key functionality:

  • a similarity threshold setting to control the similarity level of detected images
  • a fast scanning engine
  • several scan modes for comparing images
  • support for all popular image formats including JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, RAW and PSD
  • Sector Detail scan mode for comparing images by an element found in one of them
  • Grayscale comparison where color is disregarded
  • several view modes for easy visual comparison
  • finds duplicate and similar images in Photos (Mac only)

As you can see, Duplicate Photo Cleaner has a good set of powerful features. Let's see it in action.

Duplicate Photo Cleaner: First Look

Compare photos with Duplicate Photo Cleaner
Compare photos with Duplicate Photo Cleaner

Using Duplicate Photo Cleaner

When you open Duplicate Photo Cleaner, the first thing you should do is select a scan mode from the menu in the top right corner. Most of the time you'll use Standard Scan. You can then go to Setting and adjust the similarity threshold. Setting the slider to 100% will make the program find only 100% identical images, so it's good to keep it at 85% or so.

When that's done, drag & drop some folders you want to scan to the box in the center of the screen.

Add folders you want to scan
Add folders you want to scan

When you're done selecting folders, click on the Start Scan button and wait for the software to finish scanning your photos. Unless you've selected Sector Detail Scan mode, which is very precise, the scan won't take long.

When the scan is finished, you'll be presented with the scan results in an easy to read format.

Select the duplicates you want to delete or move
Select the duplicates you want to delete or move

The view you get by default is called MultiView and I find it really nice for quickly comparing images at a glance. If you want to learn more about groups of duplicates and see their exact similarity level, click on the View menu entry and select either Tree View or Table View. That way you'll get more information about each image, including its full path.

Tree View is great for detailed image comparison text
Tree View is great for detailed image comparison text

When you're done selecting images you want to move or delete, all you need to do is click on either the delete icon or the move icon to manage the duplicates. Couldn't be any easier!

Watch Duplicate Photo Cleaner in Action


Duplicate Photo Cleaner is a great app for people who have a large collection of images and want to keep them all organized. It's very easy to use, has an impressive set of features, and does the job very well.

Duplicate Photo Cleaner is available for Windows and Mac. You can get it in English, German, Russian and Serbian. There is a free trial version that lets you manage up to 10 duplicates and the full version costs $39.95. That's not really a lot of money when you have hundreds of photos to manage.

Let's see if you already use a duplicate photo finder

Do you use an image similarity finder?

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