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Dz09 Smart Watch

Updated on July 27, 2017

The DZ09 Smart watch is probably one of the cheapest ones out there. You can find them on Amazon for anywhere from $10.00 to $25.00.

It comes with stock apps for facebook, whatsapp and the internet. You can not download or change the functionality of the apps that come with your smart watch.

They are a pretty good start up smart watch with features that range from bluetooth to sim card capability.They all come with a memory card slot that caps out at 32G.

This smartwatch will allow you to make and receive calls and texts using the bluetooth feature and use the internet if you have a sim card.

The Dz09 is a universal unlocked smart watch that should work on most Android smart phones, there seems to be limited functionality with Apples Iphones. So i do not recommend it for those.

It took about a week to receive the black-silver watch and about a month to receive the gold-brown watch.

You can connect your calls straight from your phone to your smartwatch device in a few easy steps with the bluetooth feature!

you will need to download the Bluetooth Notification app on your phone and sync it to your watch which doesn't take but a few seconds.

After that you can easily make calls and texts with your smart watch.

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The Dz09 also allows you to play music and send notifications through the notifier if you have received an email or notification from another app on your phone.

If you choose to use a sim card to activate your DZ09 you can have access to all the features provided. Without an activated sim card you cannot access the internet, Facebook or the Whatsapp on your smartwatch.

It comes with a 2 MP camera that you can use with your memory card. There are ways to access games and apps through dialing ##000000000## on it but it does require a sim card.

I do not have a recommendation on a sim card. It says it uses a GSM network but so far cricket and freedom pop have not been able to work.

Is the DZ09 for you?

Overall this is a cheap and simple smart watch that works well to just make calls and texts if your using just the bluetooth.

The DZ09 can make calls, text and access the internet if you have a sim card.

You will need a SD card to save anything on the device. It has no internal memory.

If you have bought a DZ09 smartwatch

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