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E-commerce and M-commerce

Updated on August 1, 2016

E-Commerce or electronic commerce: which is known as another name for a type of business or a commercial transaction that transfers information over the Internet. E- commerce makes it so consumers can exchange goods and services electronically over Internet without any time restraints. When we use commerce we can shop for many different goods and services fro all over the world. We can also sell goods and services from any where in the world as well. Company's such as Target and other stores are great examples of businesses that use e- commerce in order to conduct everyday business and also to attract consumers to they're site and store.e

M-Commerce or Mobile commerce: is electronic and is conducted on cell phones. This type of commerce is also known as buying or selling goods and services over a handheld wireless device. A good example of M-Commerce is using a iPad or cell phone to buy and sell items by calling or emailing each other or by using to Internet.



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