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Updated on December 27, 2010

Super useful Gmail app for eBay users/sellers

Super useful Gmail app for eBay users/sellers

Most of you reading this article has used eBay in the past or even might be a current heavy eBay user. I myself am constantly on the eBay site, which is linked to my specially set up Gmail account(just for eBay only) that receives all my eBay correspondence. Whether it's an e-mail from eBay that tells me that I just placed a bid or I just sold an item or just a question from a possible buyer, I received 40 to 50 e-mails a day at this e-mail alone.

Obviously with all these messages. It's quite easy to miss the ones that need attention  right away. In the past. I set up filters within my Gmail account to store or label certain messages-the ones that come from eBay from other eBay members - so I can see them right away. However, it's still quite possible to miss a message amidst all those daily emails (I certainly have!).

Now that Google's laboratories has made this new application readily available for Gmail users,it's quite easy to separate the messages that need immediate action from all the others. The application is called multiple Gmail inboxes, which can be configured to suit your needs. Examples; show all e-mails from a certain account, those e-mails using a particular label, starred,and so on and so forth

How to enable the application

If you don't have a gmail account yet, then you need to set one up, go HERE

Now within your Gmail click on settings, then under settings , click on labs, within the labs,scroll down until you see an option for multiple inboxes, which looks like three large M.'s icon -click enable Then you should see at the top of the settings page, a multiple inboxes configuration option. At this point, you can configure up to five boxes that can be used for multiple purposes.

When you return to the inbox, you will now see two inboxes, set side-by-side, which in my opinion is a little awkward to see, so go to settings, click on multiple inboxes, scroll to the bottom and check off “above the inbox” botton.

Now that you have enabled application, you need to differentiate the important messages that to go in one of your boxes.

Differentiate/labeling the important messages

First, click on any message from an eBay member, that is asking you a question, it's almost always from; you can tell from the message when you click on details, which is located next to the date of the message. Make sure that you have checked off “always display images from eBay”.

Once your question from the eBay member is opened, click the down arrow next to the word reply in blue and “filter messages like this”. An orange box will appear on top and will have the words” create a filter”in the orange bar. Go to the “from;” blank area and copy and paste to it,”". Now all messages from other eBay members should be filtered, and to check this click test search and all other similar messages should show.

If you see that it is working correctly click " create filter" and you're all done!

You can have up to five inboxes with different types of messages or even use it for receiving e-mail another email account to make your life much simpler. For eBay sellers like myself, it is quite a godsend to quickly see all my questions that I need to answer quickly, and still have the capability to retain all my messages in the other box.


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    • Mr Tinker profile image

      Mr Tinker 8 years ago

      Thank you for commenting:):)

    • AEvans profile image

      Julianna 8 years ago from SomeWhere Out There

      Very Interesting and thanks for the valuable information.:)