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EOS is a Triumph for MMO Players

Updated on June 2, 2016

Questing Has Never Been So Much Fun

In case you haven't heard of Echo of Soul yet, it's time you discover this lovely fantasy MMORPG from Aeria Games.

While there are a lot of different fantasy style free to play MMO's floating around the web, EOS definitely takes the prize for the most beautifully designed, as well as genuinely fun, skipping past the unnecessary and abundant grinding of its counterparts.


Before a player can get started questing and fighting monsters, a character must be created from one of the five classes offered; being the warrior, rogue, guardian, sorceress, archer, or the newly added warlock.

As in any MMO experience, each class has its pros and cons, and it's important to pick a class that matches you preferred style of gameplay.

For instance, the rogue class isn't necessarily the strongest, but is fast on its feet. If that's not your style, than you can go for the warrior instead in order to be the muscle on a quest. The archer will still always have the long range advantage over both of the aforementioned close combat oriented characters though.

In my experience,(trying out different classes.), I was pleased to see that they start out in a town called Braya, in which you begin by accomplishing simplistic quests to gain experience and a general understanding of the system mechanics with the help of tutorials throughout. The warlock is the only exception, as it starts on an outpost separate from the rest of the map.

If playing MMO's with class specific starting regions isn't your cup of tea, than EOS will be. Having tried free to plays that have this problem has been frustrating in the past when trying to adventure with friends.

A Vast World

One of the best parts of EOS is the map, which is absolutely giant. While navigating by map in the game, this becomes apparent pretty quickly. The amount of distance you can cover with your avater is impressive, as the game boasts a slew of varying biomes from lush forests to deserts, cities, grasslands, and something comparable to an Amazon rainforest.

Each of these is absolutely beautiful and the developers made sure to add as many wonderful details as possible.

Certain monsters are region specific, which also makes it exciting to travel around in search of new quests. For instance, a large blue skinned and armored beast called a motroll wouldn't be found in the same place as a vicious naga, the two being separated by their regions, one in the forest and the other in the jungle.

Creatures such as arid death stalkers, (odd looking scorpion like monsters with dragon faces on their tales), are found along with large lizards and buzzard like harpies in the Samoon Sand basin.

Simply put, the game doesn't grow old in large part because of the diversity of flora and fauna throughout which is fun to discover as you quest.

Less Grinding and More Fun

The strongest point of Echo of Soul is the fortunate lack of grinding that most other MMORPG's subject their players to.

While some quests can be difficult, they remain interesting and fun, usually not lasting so long that you feel like your working rather than enjoying the game.

Even in an instance where you are tasked with dispatching four large tree like monsters called enraged Earth guardians , you don't have to spend a ridiculous amount of time staring at your health bar and franticly selecting icons until you wonder why you joined the game.

Essentially, quests in EOS avoid the monotony of other free to play experiences, so if you aren't playing yet and seriously need to find a good new MMO, then don't waste any time, and join the quest, you wont regret it.


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