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ES File explorer for Kindle Fire HD

Updated on February 14, 2013

One of the first apps that would allow you more flexibility in the way you view files and folders in your Kindle Fire HD is the ES File explorer. You can get it free from websites such as Amazon, Opera apps and Google play. For those using Kindle Fire in Amazon supported zones, you can simply get it from the Amazon store here. Others can also get it for free by going to and searching for ES File explorer.

Ordinarily, the Kindle fire has its own internal folder and file viewer but that explorer would only show you folders or files that are trusted by Kindle and not the ones you got from third parties. Now, ES File explorer allows you to see a lot of other files and folders which Kindle explorer wouldn't allow you to see.

One of the things that pushed me to installing the ES File explorer on my Kindle Fire was when I was unable to view some apk files I've copied to my Kindle straight to my computer using the normal file explorer. I was finally able to to view, open and install them using the ES File explorer. It works like magic providing you a different display than Kindle explorer would offer.

How to install ES File explorer on your Kindle Fire HD

  1. Enable third party installations by going to Menu > Settings > Device > More
  2. Go to with your Kindle silk browser
  3. Download the file
  4. Open the file and allow installation

Now you can always use the explorer by going to Apps > ES file explorer

Installing ES file explorer from the Amazon app store

The Amazon appstore has a lot of free apps you can install on your Kindle and you can access them easily if you are in an Amazon kindle supported region like the USA. Just open up your appstore link from your Kindle and search for ES File explorer. You'll be able to then install it directly to your Kindle and later access them in your apps.


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    • felix09 profile image

      Felix Okoli 2 years ago from Nigeria

      I don't know of any app like that but there could be given the speed at which app developers churn out new apps

    • profile image

      Bennie 3 years ago

      Is there any app that will allow a slide show from the ES folders that are displayed on the Kindle Fire I love the fact that I can now show individual photo files but I would love to be able to click and have the individual files in the folder to show a slide show.

      Thanks for any help.