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How to Increase Solid State Drive (SSD) Lifetime

Updated on November 5, 2015

1. Install Additional Software for Your Solid State Drive (SSD)

  • It is very important to download additional software for your SSD by monitoring SSD in real time furthermore you might create a plan for future backup and other preventive actions for safety of your data.
  • Download and Install additional software like a Crystal Disk Mark to perform test write or read operations and Crystal Disk Info to see SSD specification.

Crystal Disk Mark to Test Write and Read Operations.
Crystal Disk Mark to Test Write and Read Operations.

2. Benchmark Your SSD in First Usage

  • Benchmark always important for a brand new SSD especially before they will be using in a long term daily basis.
  • Since many SSD came with a label high speed read or write in their ads but, actually it was slower than they should. you can check whether its performance met the expected by doing a benchmark on SSD in first usage
  • I suggest you to tolerate read or write operations by margin error < 5% from their ads. If your SSD have a margin error => 5% consider to RMA those items or ask vendor for better explain.

3. Check SSD for TRIM Command

  • Important NOTE : Some early type of SSD weren't supported by the TRIM command.
  • Always make sure to check using additional software like a Crystal Disk info. However latest SSD like Samsung EVO 850, Intel 730 Series, Sandisk Pro Extreme should had 100% supported by this command.

TRIM Command in General

  • SSD can't overwrite a particular invalid block while performing write operation instead SSD need to write in a new empty valid block.
  • SSD will wipe an invalid block by hiring a Garbage Collection to move an invalid block to other cell which was designed for garbage collector .
  • Whenever garbage collection have been occurred, probability of degradation would increase mainly because SSD had performed many operations : move garbage, store garbage, and write to a new valid block;
  • Trim Command increases SSD lifetime by disabling garbage collection system.
  • Whenever trim command executed, system will mark the particular garbage(invalid block) as a invalid block thus, system wouldn't move it in the particular time.

To execute TRIM command type on the windows cmd : :

fsutil behavior query DisableDeleteNotify

Make sure TRIM command was succeed by typing : :

fsutil behavior query DisableDeleteNotify

You should notify a message if TRIM command was succeed : :

DisableDeleteNotify = 0

4. Manage Cache Wisely

  • Cache are component which will be written on the data storage to make data operation run faster.
  • For the example Web Browser application, some particular websites will store their cache on the data storage to make sure if webpage will load faster. You can check them by making test on back or forward button. They will be faster than you should wait for a new web page.
  • Typically, web browser cache will perform many write operations and their priority was considered low compared to the heavy work load application caches like 3D rendering or playing 3D games.
  • You can save your lower priority caches on the other data storage devices to ensure SSD will always get minimal write operation.
  • However if you have been working in heavy work load application, saving cache on the SSD had considered very good.

5. About Storing Files on SSD

  • There might be a little improvements if you play music or watch videos from the SSD. However huge performance might be increasing if you play 3D games, edit video, or work on the multiple layers of photoshop from the SSD.
  • So basically always store items which you considered important on the SSD.


6. Is it important to Perform Defragmentation?

  • SSD has a very different hardware and software structures from their HDD counterparts.
  • SSD used flash based memory with no moving parts to store the data.
  • Therefore Defragmentation was designed to solve the HDD problems only,
  • Turn off everything that you know about defragmentation on your SSD to prevent the bricked SSD.

7. About Paging File

  • Whenever windows need more RAM(Random Access Memory) for their tasks. System will create a Paging File or sometimes called Virtual RAM automatically .
  • System should perform many write operations on the data storage spaces to create a Virtual RAM.
  • By creating Virtual RAM, system will ensure if windows wouldn't fail suddenly.
  • Basically RAM are the fastest memory than any modern SSD. Based on this fact Windows OS will treat a Virtual RAM in similar way with physical RAM.
  • Turned off Paging File was considered safe if you have a higher RAM. However if you have a lower one turned off Paging File might make your system become unstable.

8. Consider Use Windows Hibernation Mode or Windows Sleep Mode

  • Windows hibernation mode are different with Windows sleep mode. Windows Hibernation mode allows you to boot up in no time but Windows Sleep mode are slightly slower.

  • Windows hibernation are good for some reason especially to get faster boot up .
  • Actually Windows hibernation mode need to create a huge amount chunk of files on the data storage, thus make those files for buffering purpose.
  • Logically, if windows created huge amount of file, data storage should perform many write operations therefore perform many writes operation can degrade your SSD faster.
  • if you have been using SSD you must shouldn't worry about faster boot up due to hibernation mode was turned off because SSD made all them faster.

9. Always check for SSD's latest bugs and eliminate them!

  • Sometime SSD could have some bugs whether it was came from manufacturer or software hardware related issues.
  • Simply, always check for the latest firmware on their respective website to make sure if your SSD doesn't have any strange bugs.

Warning On HDparm
Warning On HDparm | Source

10. Reset your SSD to the factory setting(WARNING!)

  • Similar with other hardware, SSD have a maximum lifetime and degradation could happen every now.
  • You could take a preventive actions from permanent dead if your SSD started to dying by installing a software for zero filling.
  • There are several software for zero filling like a HDParm which is run under UNIX Environment.
  • CAUTION : Zero Filling will destroy all of your data irrecoverably

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