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The NEW iPhone 6 Early Theories of the Next iPhone

Updated on May 9, 2012
New iPhone 6 will be released soon
New iPhone 6 will be released soon

While the iPhone4s is still enjoying the remnants of its novelty, iPhone 6 rumors and speculations are already circulating in all technology or gadget driven websites and threads. This is only understandable since when it comes to Apple products, people are normally doused with such enthusiasm and reverence.

As of now there are limited information regarding the actual product and with Steve Jobs' recent death, which led to the installation of Tim Cook on Apple's leadership throne, it would be logical for avid iPhone followers to anticipate a few changes on how the iPhone brand plays its game.

Presently, iPhone 6 release date is anticipated to be on the early months of 2013. Although there is also a considerable buzz regarding its potential fall product launch or release. Whether which date is closer to the truth, surely iPhone fanatics would be willing to wait.

As of now though, various news are heard in the internet grapevine. In fact there is a rather interesting account on how this newest iPhone would feature a curved design. Alleged photos of the iPhone 6 design have already been circulated online although none from the Apple Company has authenticated the supposed prototype.

With regards to the curved screen design rumors though, there are actually some accounts that could support the claim. For instance, the Apple Company representatives have been revealed to have met with a couple of new technology companies namely Fuji Crystal and G-Tech.

And since these companies work in curved and polished glass manufacturing, some advanced product reviews deduce that there might just be truth to the grapevine stories regarding the basic and most apparent design change that new iPhone 6 would be outfitted with. The men and women behind Apple have stayed mum over this matter but some persistent spoilers claiming to have an insiders' view regarding the curved screen rumor are quite adamant about it. Of course, the actual physical make up is not the only thing that excites iPhone users. In fact it is only one of the many features that a typical Apple fanatic looks forward to.

Right now, another projected enhancement for the iPhone sixth generation is said to be the "projector". Since Apple is quite competitive and does not wish to surrender its stake within the mobile communication industry to another brand that could come up with something very novel and interesting, this rumor might just hold some water.

But the problem regarding this particular theory is that in terms of iPhone's design and size, it might be a bit hard to actually install a "projector" within the new iphone. In fact, most technology reviews doubt that it is possible considering a larger space would be required to pull off such a breakthrough feature. Unless of course Apple geniuses find a way to actually discover a miniature "projector" technology which they could easily add up to their iPhone prototype, this rumor could be considered farfetched as of now.

New iPhone 6 2013
New iPhone 6 2013

Funny iPhone 6 video

Since all the iPhone models released in the market have basically outdone each other in terms of memory size, it is only logical to assume that new iPhone 6 would be considerably augmented in terms of file space. Right now, the most common assumption regarding this matter is that it would either be equipped with 64GB or 128GB.

Aside from this memory space enhancement, most people also expect that the iPhone sixth generation would have a new processing chip and it would most likely be the A6 chip. Whether these rumors could actually turn into reality, we would only know as soon as we also get to answer the question as to when is iphone 6 coming out. Indeed gadget aficionados cannot get enough of iPhone. This obsession is only warranted given the product's utter practicality and ingenuity. Presently, we are still in the dark as to how the sixth generation iPhone mobile would look, feel, and work like.

But despite this ambivalence, there is always one thing iPhone believers should take comfort in; that is the fact that Apple never fails to deliver and surely once the latest iPhone model is released, the customers would get exactly what they wanted from the get go. Iphone 6 is sure to satisfy all sorts of expectations as these Apple phones always do.


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