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Easily Mount an .ISO image on Windows XP, 7 and Vista

Updated on December 7, 2010

Mounting an ISO file in Windows

Mounting an ISO file or even .CCD, .DVD, .IMG, .UDF and .BIN files can be a tricky task in Windows compared to the ease of doing this in Ubuntu (install instructions here) or a Mac. But fear not, because this sheep (that one over there -->>) will save us Windows users from buying additional software.

Step 1: Installing VCD

First, we'll need to download this software called Virtual Clone Drive (download here). Simply click on the download file and don't modify any settings if you're not sure what to do. Accept any prompts that may appear in different Windows.

Step 2: Mounting an .ISO file

Start Virtual Clone Drive if it's not already started and go to My Computer. Right click on the newly created drive, hover over Virtual Clone Drive and click Mount... Find the .ISO file you want to mount and Presto! you've mounted your .ISO file.

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