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Easily Trace Identity of Skype And Cell Spam Callers

Updated on March 29, 2013

Easily Trace Identity of Skype And Cell Spam Callers

The mobile phone is a blessing as it lets you communicate will all your loved ones and helps you stay updated with what is going on. Usually you have a Caller ID to determine is calling you at any particular time, it sometimes, unknown callers start calling you. This can get very annoying as you are not sure who it is and can end up being a big disturbance. However, technology which is improving and developing every second gives us a chance to trace these calls and put an end to the ordeal.

Tracing cell phone spammers:

One of the ways to check the identity of a spam caller is through checking an online directory, if that is not helpful, then you have the option of researching the number in reverse number look-up site, like White Pages and Reverse Phone Directory.

You also have the alternative of looking for the cell number in mobile communities where some people share their numbers and related activities. However, it is important to note that some users might not make their numbers visible to everyone. The favorite and most widely used way to trace a call would be by installing applications that allow you to track these unwanted numbers.

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TrapCall from Google Market is one of these apps. This app uses the sophisticated features of the Android OS, which include, auto rejection of the numbers that are blocked and blacklisted numbers and automatic dialing of our programming codes. It is free to install but you will have to pay for the TrapCall subscription. It helps in determining is really calling you.

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In addition to the above, WhoAreYou is another app which is a completely FREE visual Caller ID, Call and Text Blocker. It has over 200 million numbers in its list. It provides you with a name, picture, state and city on almost every call. You can use it as a call filter and blocker to conveniently block calls from spammers, telemarketers

Tracing Skype Call Spammers:

Skype can prove to be an awesome tool for general communications , video conferencing, and the very important brainstorming meetings or at times when employees are overseas. Nevertheless, Skype can also attract the wrong attention and unauthorized people can disturb you. In such a dilemma, you can always make use internal networking maintenance commands within the Windows interface to trace IP addresses of these callers.

Try the following steps to trace:

STEP 1: Sign in to your Skype account and initiate a Skype call with the respective person. This can either be an incoming call from someone you want to trace or an outgoing call which you started.

STEP 2: click on to the Windows “Start” button, and in order to open a command window click on then “Run” icon. Type the command “cmd” into the Run prompt and press “Enter.” By doing this, a DOS window will emerge

STEP 3: Enter the command : >netstat -e -s into the DOS prompt. It will give a list of all current TCP connections on to your computer, which include those through Skype. The IP address from your caller is the Skype entry.

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      Trying to get help

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      Agr koi quran prhna chahta hy online ya trjuma tfseer ya deeni msail to mere se rabta kre

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      why worry, there is a free solution against skype spam call . Very simple and effective.