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Easy Computer Tips

Updated on December 23, 2012
Tips for all kinds of computers
Tips for all kinds of computers | Source

Keep a Computer Working Fast

The biggest complaint from most personal computer users is that their computer is running sluggish and slow which is often quickly fixed by knowing a few easy computer tips. There are both best practices for using a computer and software services that can be used in order to maintain a computer properly. Pay attention to how the computer is operating and it is possible to identify issues before it totally fails resulting in data loss and loss of productive working time.

Routine Computer Maintenance Tips

The following simple tasks are ignored by a large majority of home pc users. If you get in the habit of doing each of these maintenance tasks in a weekly routine if the computer is used heavily or at least on a monthly schedule the computer will run faster.

5 Easy Tips to Follow

  1. Delete Unimportant Files - By removing the files that are not necessary it is possible to free up space on the computer. It is amazing the massive amounts of files that are amassed through regular usage. Word documents and other basic files, attachments from emails that are saved once and never to be needed again, old music, pictures, and videos that are no longer needed can all be deleted from the computer giving it more available space.
  2. Update Anti Virus - It is wise to update all programs that have built in updates from the Windows operating system to Adobe reader, but most importantly is the Anti-Virus software that is protecting the computer from potential outside intruders. Computers that are extremely slow are often the victims of a computer virus which is sucking away significant resources from the computer.
  3. Clean the Desktop - Most users place files on the computer desktop, however this is not wise. It can make finding files difficult to locate, but most importantly, every item that is on the desktop is contributing to reducing the speed of the computer and can easily be resolved by placing them in a proper folder such as documents, music, pictures, etc.
  4. Remove Files from Recycling Bin - Many users never delete files from the recycling bin. While the files get removed from their existing location they are still located here and available and not permanently removed from the system until deleted from the bin. This is a huge dumping ground for old files and will result in slowing down the hard drive of the computer if not maintained.
  5. Defrag the Hard Drive - Use a software like Defraggler in order to keep all the files on the hard drive organized and arranged in order to optimize the computer for speed. This is a critical step and likely the most important tip for PC users that want to maintain a fast and nimble computer. After you have deleted files, cleaned up the hard drive, then process the disk defrag program. It can take up to an hour or longer to process so do this when you are ready to be done using the computer.

Each of these basic maintenance tips are important whether you have a traditional desktop computer or a laptop.

Computer Shortcut Keys Everyone Should Know

Copy Selected Text
Paste Copied Text
Undo the Previous Action
Cut Text from Doc then Paste It
Full Screen
Go to Full Screen Mode
PrtSc, Open Paint, CNTRL V
Screenshot Capture
Process for Simple Screen Shot
Search Webpage
Search Contents of Web Page
Universal Help Button
Bring Up A Help Section
Delete File Permanently
Delete Selected Files Permanently
Select All
Select Everything on Screen
Refresh Web Browser
Reloads the Web Page

Change Browsers

A large number of people use Internet Explorer for the web browser. If you want to enjoy the time you spend online, use a better browser. Google Chrome is a very simple yet powerful internet browser to choose from. It is easy to add extensions to enhance productivity while on the web, yet is simple to manage and maintain a clean and uncluttered design and experience. This can be a chore with Internet Explorer the default software on all Windows based personal computers.

Most Important Browser Tip

No matter what never download a tool bar. Lots of free software on the web will ask the user to allow them to install a toolbar that will sit at the top of the web browser. These types of tool bars are horrific and should never be installed if speed and computer reliability is important.

Essential Computer Components

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Motherboard - What all computer components connect toCPU before being set onto the motherboardFan and Heat Sink over the CPUGPU - Improves the visual graphic potential of a PCRAM Memory before being installed onto the motherboard
Motherboard - What all computer components connect to
Motherboard - What all computer components connect to | Source
CPU before being set onto the motherboard
CPU before being set onto the motherboard | Source
Fan and Heat Sink over the CPU
Fan and Heat Sink over the CPU | Source
GPU - Improves the visual graphic potential of a PC
GPU - Improves the visual graphic potential of a PC | Source
RAM Memory before being installed onto the motherboard
RAM Memory before being installed onto the motherboard | Source

2 Ways to Extend a Computers Life Cycle

Buy Quality Computer Components

When purchasing a new computer make sure that it is built with quality components. If you purchase the cheapest unit at the store, don't expect to be able to run the most complex games and resources intensive software such as high end photo and video editing. Computers with newer model components will allow for a longer life span and be capable to upgrade components as needed for a longer period of time then utilizing outdated parts out the gate.

Constantly Maintain a Clean Computer
To keep a computer from operating slowly install CCleaner and and Defraggler and use them as needed. These are both free tools that are dedicated to cleaning and properly managing computers files on the hard drive. They ensure that installed software and other basic computer processes are not dragged down by dead weight of old files and unused programs that are turned on by default. Ccleaner is focused on removing unnecessary temporary files, freeing up the computer memory dedicated to current operations on the machine.

How to Find Error Message Meanings

One of the most frustrating things to have happen with a computer is a crash with a blue or black screen with an error message that is a series of letters and codes. However, there is a simple solution that you can use to find out why the computer is having troubles. Write down what the error code is and then use Google search engine to search for the error code. Invariably someone else has had the same problem as your self and there will be details about what is going wrong with the computer whether it is a hard drive failing or other mishap you will have additional information that you can inform the local computer technician you take the machine to in order to fix it. It can be difficult sometimes to replicate an error for a computer specialist and so by informing them of the error code and what the error likely is can save money in the long run, getting the machine fixed quickly.

Make a Slow Computer Fast

Quick Computer Fixes

Slow Load Time
Reduce System Start Up programs - CCleaner
Lost Files
Search Computer Drive, Run Recovery
Internet Access Problem
Reboot Router, Unplug Router, Reconnect Wifi


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    • profile image

      Casimiro 4 years ago

      For defrag, I highly recommend PerfectDisk. You can set it to always run in the background, which keeps your hard drives defragged without slowing down the PC in any way.

      Great hub!